Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

Shopping for presents for friends and family members can be stressful as we always try to get something that would be perfect for that person, and it shows you put some thought into the gift-selecting process.
The truth is that getting a “perfect “ gift does not have to be a challenge if you just think about the person receiving it and consider the things they like!

New parents

Let’s be honest; the best thing you can get a new parent is something for their little bundle of joy. You can go the easy route and get some cute outfits or be adventurous and get something to facilitate taking care of the baby… Always welcome by mom and dad!

Pet parents

While you can still go ahead and get something for the furry baby, a more personal gift that includes said fur baby will be the highlight of the pet owner, and you will be surprised at how many really cool options are available… My favorite is probably a canvas.

Yes, a portrait of the fur baby, cat, or dog, and if the pet parent is also a star wars fan, they will love a costume portrait of their furry friend as a Star Wars character or even renaissance pet portraits  …Yep, I’ve done it!

Plant lovers

In the same way, you find pet parents all around you, you will find that there is a good portion of the world population that consider themselves as plant parents, and again you have limitless options here; while a plant might not be your best choice unless you know what the person likes, plant accessories and cute pots are always appreciated!

The fitness Guru

Depending on how much you have on your budget, you can go from a cute, personalized water bottle to a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro or the Apple watch series eight; just make sure you know if the person you are getting the watch for is an Apple or Samsung user.
For the younger girls
Any young girl with a love for makeup? A LED mirror would make her day! There are many styles and a wide range of prices, so you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

Jewelry can be tricky

In order to get the right piece of jewelry, you need to know the person’s style and preference, but if you are not 100% sure, a minimalistic necklace or bracelet is always easy to incorporate into any style!

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