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Handbags are a convenient way to carry all your belongings and things that you need while venturing in the outside world, but handbags are a lot more than a way to carry things, they are fashion statements and a reflection of your personal style.

I am, what you might call, a handbag fanatic and along with shoes, bags are one of my favorite fashion staples.

My ideal handbag

The ideal handbag definition changes with the style, season, and needs which are factors that are constantly changing and the reason why I like to update or revisit the handbags in my closet and keep my selection up to date while adding elements that will complement my wardrobe.

A pricey addiction

Truth is that handbags can be pricey and cause some real damage in one’s budget, but there are also more accessible options for those, like yours truly who loves handbags, who cannot afford a designer bag.

How to choose a handbag

When shopping for handbags, I first look for the basic colors that will go with anything that is in my closet. I go for the classic colors of Black, brown, and tan which are very easy to implement to any outfit.

If you are on a budget, the style is also important because not every bag will be complimentary for certain styles and trends.
Once that is covered, I look for my favorite colors…Colored handbags are a great fashion statement!

A  trendy handbag can help you dress up or dress down if you chose wisely and add the correct accessories.

A handbag like this Classy Genuine Leather Luxury Handbag with enough pizzazz can bring you from a work look to a casual look.
The burgundy color of the leather is contrasted with the gold color of the hardware which makes this handbag a head turner. It is easy to add to your office attire, but will also look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans and a top.

The double handle makes for a practical purse that gives you different carrying options.

A classic look

If you are more into the classic elegant look, a bag like this trendy and elegant handbag might be what the doctor prescribed.
A softer and more traditional look in black or soft tone colors can add that finishing touch that you need.

Soft leather with gold colored hardware and a double handle makes this a great option for under
$ 70.00 to add to your wardrobe.

While this handbag does have a more traditional look, it is also easy to add to a modern look …It is all about the details and the way you put the pieces together.

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