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Although it’s a professional environment, for most of us, the workplace is also one of the places where we’re most physically active. Unless you work at home (and sometimes even then), you’re spending time with co-workers, clients and customers. So, you’re going to be concerned with how you look. But how do you make sure you’re treading the fine line of professional and fashionable while staying on the right side of it?

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Context is everything

First of all, make sure that everything you’re wearing is workplace appropriate. What, exactly, that means can differ from workplace to workplace. Even industries have different trends that they follow. For instance, business casual tends to be more the style when it comes to working in nonprofits or think tanks, while in tech, the casual look is a lot more acceptable. The best way to know where exactly to draw the line is to know the definitions of different professional styles as shown at Gorgeautiful. Know the different components and look to the others in the office to find where the average dress sense lies. If there’s a formal dress code, then play it safe and stick to it until it becomes clear that bending the rules is accepted in the workplace.

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Find your statement piece

Find your statement piece

In some settings, you might find your avenues for self-expression are a little limited. It’s not a good idea to push against them with outfits that wildly go over the line, but a little touch here and then that just skirts it can be just the perfect way to stay appropriate but to keep your own sense of style. The best way to do that is to the find the accessory that defines your look: your statement piece. Even in settings with tightly regulated dress codes, like nursing or social care, there are shoes from designers like Alegria Shoes that help you be just a bit more expressive. Otherwise, it might be a hat, a scarf, a bracelet or watch, something that adds to the outfit, dropping in a dash of personality without taking things too far. Find your statement piece and let it be the window to your own sense of style.

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Take care of your core

Where you don’t have a lot of wiggle room to change how you dress, then the core aspect of your aesthetic is going to be the deciding factor in how confident and beautiful you look. We’re talking about your hair, your skin, and your figure. Make sure you’re taking thorough care of your skin, cleansing it thoroughly every night and moisturizing it every morning. As for your figure, the most important way to make sure that you’re not focusing on the most unfaltering aspects is to learn your exact body shape. There are lots of women’s business wear providers who cater to different body types, helping you look professional without looking dumpy or frumpy.

It can be tricky to know where to draw the line with fashion in the workplace. To play it super safe, you should always aim for a sophisticated, sleek look. Let your personality show a little more through an accessory or statement piece like a pair of shoes and take care of yourself.

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