There are plenty of different styles that you can incorporate into your look. Indeed, one of the best things about living in this day and age is that you have the freedom to express yourself through your clothing. This hasn’t always been the case! Indeed, it’s a relatively new freedom. In the past, there were a lot of rules that you had to follow, and anyway, there just wasn’t the range of clothing types that are available today. One of the more popular modern styles is “edgy”; this is the style that comes with a bit of a bite. It lets the world know that you’re here, and you’re not messing around. If that sounds like an image that you’d like to show to the world, then take a look at our tips below, which will guide you through the process of “edgifying” your look. 


Bring the Attitude


First: you’ll need to bring the attitude! Your clothes can help you to present a tough and worldly look to the world, but they can’t do all the work. And they for sure can’t hide the truth. An edgy look is all about attitude; it’s about having confidence in yourself, and not caring what people think of you. You have to have boldness if you’re going to pull off this particular style. This is something that you’ll acquire over time, but there are things you can do to speed up the process, including pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and generally acting and living with purpose. 


Invest in the Right Pieces


There’s no shortage of clothes on the market. But if you’re trying to develop a look with more edge, then it’s not as if you can just go to any old shop at the mall. The rest of your look could be perfect, but if you don’t have the right clothes, then it’ll be difficult to present an edgy look. So make sure you invest in the right pieces. In some cases, you should look at the brand, rather than any specific item of clothing. Some brands, like Neighborhood, are associated with streetwear and attitude. If you’re interested in that brand, then see more in SVD, and pick up a few items. You’ll find that you have more attitude from the moment that you put the item on. 


Get Playful 


While an edgy look can appear serious, it’s worth remembering that ultimately, they’re just clothes. While you can have a touch of seriousness when it comes to putting together your outfits (and general approach to clothing), you should also keep things playful. If you’ve developed some of the attitude that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, then you won’t care all that much what other people think. So do what you want. Play around with different colors and items, and see what you can come up with. Who knows, you might just stumble upon an outfit or a look that’s really special. 




Accessories are your friend! That’s true for whatever style you’re trying to achieve, but especially when you’re trying to go for something with a little bit more bite. They work especially well because they’re something that you can be a little bolder with. If you don’t yet have a full wardrobe needed to keep a consistent edgy look, then you can do so with accessories, especially your jewelry.


New Hairstyles 


And don’t forget your hair, either. Along with your clothes, it’ll be your hairstyle that really brings your look together. Indeed, a traditional, plain old hair cut would (or could) undo the good work that you’ve done with your outfit. So look at spicing things up. A good place to start is to look online for hairstyles that you want to try, and then visit a modern, professional hairstylist: they’ll have the experience and expertise you need to make your hair pop. 


Say It With Shoes 


Finally, be sure to invest in shoes. If you take a look at all the big movements of the past that have been associated with edginess (like punk or streetwear), then you’ll see that the shoe was much more than just a tool to protect the feet. They were statement pieces. Indeed, in many ways, they function as the most important part of the outfit. Think of the effect that Dr Martens have, for example. Find the right pair for your look, and you’ll find that you wear them again and again — they’ll become part of your overall look. 


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