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It can be hard to increase the kids’ vitamin intake, which is concerning if any child is prone to deficiencies for medical reasons. The easiest way is to add vitamin powder to meals at home, but bright and colorful smoothies are more appealing to children. Here are some more tips.

Make Healthier Lunches

Making lunch for your kids puts you in a great position because you control what goes into it. A healthy lunch for a child should contain protein, a source of calcium, and multiple vitamins. The easiest way is to make sandwiches. But kids will get bored of these. You can check this blog on how to improve school lunches that aren’t just tasty but full of everything your kids need. This is vital since you never really know what they are serving at your child’s school for lunch.

Mix Powders into their Meals

Vitamin and mineral powders are almost tasteless, and you can get away with mixing them into most recipes. Because the powders stand up to the heat, they retain goodness after cooking. This makes them a great option for breakfast dishes such as pancakes to ensure the kids get what they need for the day ahead. You can also mix these up in their favorite drinks, yogurt, and any kind of dough or batter if you bake healthy treats and snacks at home.

Increase the Kids’ Vitamin Intake with Gummies

One of the easiest ways to get your kids the vitamins they need is to use gummies. Vitamin gummies look and taste like candy, and they even come in child-friendly brandings, such as cartoon characters like Minions. Kids love these and will gladly take them every morning. However, you should hide these because vitamin gummies aren’t candy, even though they appear to be. An overdose of certain vitamins can cause severe issues in young children.

Whip Up Some Bright Smoothies

There’s nothing bad about a healthy homemade smoothie for your kids. These alone will provide a burst of vitamins and minerals if you use certain ingredients such as mango, carrot, and orange. Smoothies are an ideal way to get vitamins B, C, and K into your kids, and the colors make them more appealing to children. This will help offset a deficiency such as vit-B which is common. Vit-B tablets taste awful, and the alternative is an injection, both of which kids hate.

Try Vitamin Popsicles in the Summer

There won’t be any shortage of vitamin D in your kids in the summer since they will be out in the sun. But there are some vitamins that your kids need more in the summer because of the effects of higher temperatures. Higher temperatures cause us to sweat more and lose electrolytes which your body needs to replace. And it does this by using available vitamins and minerals. Popsicles laced with B, C, D3, and magnesium will increase these while being tasty and cooling.


Healthier lunches packed with a balanced diet will help increase the kids’ vitamin intake. But easier options are gummy chews and vitamin-laced popsicles during the summer heat.

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