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Modern living is all about flexibility. Where once we would have had a room for eating, a room for sitting and a room for cooking, we now tend to favor a single open plan space where everything can happen. This means that now we need our spaces to work with much more flexibility so that the whole room works.


While some things like kitchen counters and appliances can’t be moved, there are plenty of ideas for making your rooms much more flexible. From putting shelves on castors to introducing fun organization gadgets to make the most of your wall space, here are a few things you can do to make that single open plan space work for you.

I Like to Move It Move It

When you have large heavy things like bookcases, the thought of moving them just to make a bit more space for a party is a crazy idea. And yet, all you really need to do to make almost anything easy to move is add castors. This is a simple process and, as long as you ensure that your bookcase is well balanced, you won’t have a problem moving things around your space.


Once you have mastered the castors, you will find plenty of things to put on wheels. If you get wheels with brakes, you can also ensure that your furniture stays put once it is in position. This is especially important if you don’t want to be leaning on something and then find it gives way!

Stack It and Store It

Getting rid of the sofa might sound like a terrifying thought, but a life without big furniture like this can be much freer and easier to manage. A good alternative to the sofa are sack chairs which can be piled up out of the way when not in use and arranged together for cozy TV watching or reading when you like. Floor cushions are another good alternative to go for and come in all kinds of bold colors and patterns.


In fact, anything that can be stacked and stored out of the way is going to open up your living area quite dramatically. Foldable tables are a popular choice and are a great compromise for couples who like to throw the occasional dinner party for friends.

Multiple Uses

If you can’t move it and you can’t store it out of the way, you should try to get as many uses out of it as possible. Side tables with storage or hidden storage in under the bed or on the sofa are also ideal for hiding things away. The more you can do with less, the better use of space you will achieve.


Flexibility is a keyword for 2018 and the more you can do with your single open plan area, the better it will treat you. Open everything out for a party, close up a tiny space for an intimate dinner or split the space into zones to define your living style. The options are limitless.


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