Travel is an important spending priority for more than one-third of Americans, but unless you’re wealthy, you probably want to get the most out of a trip that you can for your money. That’s why many people plan to visit multiple cities, or even countries when they travel.

If you’re looking to cram as much into you can during your vacation, or maybe you plan to travel to Ontario to tour some of the houses among Ottawa real estate and want take advantage of direct flights elsewhere, perhaps further north like Quebec City, or south like Fort Lauderdale. A multi-city trip is a great way to get as much as you can out of a trip, but it does come with a problem: how to pack for different climates.

Pack as Light as Possible

When you have a longer trip with multiple destinations, you probably think you need to pack more, but the reality is, you want to try and pack as light as you can. Lugging around heavy bags is going to be even more miserable the more stops that you have. Aim to bring just a carry-on, if possible. Remember, if you’re in a new city every few days, no one is going to notice if you repeat some of the same clothing items.

Research the Weather and Make a List

Do some online research do get a good idea about the weather you might expect in each destination and then make a list of everything you’ll need for each place you’re traveling to. Once you have your list, go through and determine what you might be able to consolidate. Then check the forecast closer to the date you plan to depart just in case. It can be hard to predict that in some places, so you may need to switch some of your clothing items at the last minute.

Bring Clothing That Can Be Layered

The most efficient clothing includes layering options so that you can change up your outfits without bringing too many different pieces. If you’re visiting cities subject to different weather conditions, this is even more important as you may need items for both warm and chillier weather. 

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