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Believe it or not, the best time to get your backyard prepared for warmer weather is before that warmer weather hits. True, the cold and extreme weather can limit the amount of work that you can do outside. For example, you may find that frozen soil is much more difficult to dig than at other times of the year. 

However, as things start to thaw, you should think about bringing your backyard back to life. Here are some things that you can do now so that you can enjoy your backyard so much more in the summer.

Look After the Lawn

In the winter, grass often goes dormant and will slow down or die back. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect it completely. On the contrary, you should keep an eye on your lawn over the winter and make sure that it’s well taken care of

Keep the lawn clear of debris or dead leaves, as these can starve it of needed sunlight and cause patches of dead grass. If you do end up with a patchy lawn, then you can bring it back to life with some grass seed, but prevention is always better than the cure.

If your lawn starts to look a bit rough around the edges, there’s no harm in getting the lawnmower or strimmer out, but make sure that the grass is dry before cutting. Wet grass can clog up your mower and is more likely to tear than cut, resulting in a messy cut. 

You should also keep your lawn well-fed with nutrients. A nitrogen-based spray or fertilizer will keep your grass looking healthy.

Get Rid of Pests

As the weather gets colder, people and animals alike are drawn to where it’s warm. This includes pests like mice, rats, or other wild animals and bugs. These pests will look for food and shelter, and your backyard might be the perfect place for them.

Unfortunately, many of these pests can damage your backyard and even your structures. Not only that, but they can spread diseases if you’re not careful. You can discourage pests by keeping food scraps secure and blocking off any easy access points.

If you end up with an infestation, then call a pest control company like SWAT Wildlife to sort out the problem for you. They will get rid of the pests and help you to prevent them from returning.

Outside Dining

One of the best parts of owning a backyard is having the opportunity to prepare and eat food outside. Most people love a BBQ, and this is a great time to set up your backyard for hosting friends and family.

When setting up an outdoor dining area, you should use flat ground. Many people set up decking or paving, and stone or concrete is the best option if you plan on grilling outside. You need a secure, flat, and fireproof area for the best results.

As well as your grill, you should set up somewhere where people can sit. Simply put, this means providing a table and chairs for people to relax and eat. However, that’s only the beginning. For the best outdoor dining experience, you should also offer a shady area for people to sit. This might mean setting up a dedicated gazebo or even putting up a large umbrella and stand for sun-sensitive guests. 

Another nice option is to decorate the dining area with ornaments and exterior lighting. This means that, even as the sun goes down, you can all still enjoy each other’s company without venturing back inside. If it’s a fine night, then a firepit is another nice idea, as it will keep you warm even when it’s cooler. 

Garden Sheds and Outdoor Structures

Most backyards come equipped with a garden shed or workshop, and winter might be a good opportunity to upgrade your current setup. If you like working with your hands, then a garden shed is a great place to store your tools. You can also get a larger dedicated structure for your work.

However, even if you aren’t interested in these kinds of hobbies, a garden shed is a great storage option for all of your gardening needs. You can keep garden tools in there, as well as tools for your grill. This keeps everything conveniently close by, but it also keeps it safe from the weather or thieves.

Make sure that you secure your garden shed to prevent any thefts and feel more secure.

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