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#selfy case

#selfy case

#selfy case

#selfy case

#selfy case

If you have ever taken a selfie, then you know how challenging it is to get a good selfie! iLuv has just released Selfy, the latest and super exciting new product that allows users to create amazing photos and videos with your smart phone and other mobile devices!

The case that at first hand looks like a regular phone case is actually a blue tooth enable case with a built-in removable and wireless camera shutter that is here to make the life of all selfie lovers a lot easier and fun.

Selfy brings you a complete line of products that offers you a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to photography and videos with your mobile devices. As mentioned, the Selfy case looks like a regular case at first look but there is a lot more to this innovative case, as Selfy cases let you switch between the shutter and an assortment of useful accessories so you do not miss any special and life moments that you want to capture.

The selfy™ ecosystem features the “world’s first Apple iPhone 5/5s and Samsung GALAXY S5 cases with a built-in wireless camera shutter.

The case also includes a built-in wireless camera shutter. The remote is seamlessly integrated into the case so that you always have it on hand. It pairs to the device through Bluetooth® and there is no additional app needed. Simply set up your phone, grab the remote, get into selfie position, push the remote button…and you are done.

What is else is neat about the Selfy case? You do not need any apps to use its technology; but I have already mentioned that, so I do not want to fail to mention that you can attach the case to a series of accessories like tripods and car mounts whenever the remote is not connected to the case.

The Selfy is light weight, and offers pretty good protection. What you get with the Selfy case is not only the ability to painlessly improve the way you shoot your photos and videos, but also the peace of mind to know you get great protection for your device.

Sliding the remote on and off of the case is very easy and it operates with a CR2032 battery. The remote is very user friendly so you need no skills at all to operate the remote. One other thing I really like is the standby mode…The Selfy actually goes on standby mode when there is no activity for about a minute and to “wake it up”, all you need to do is press the button once… What happens if there is no activity for 5 minutes, it’s simple, the Selfy goes to sleep!

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