I received  a CogniToys Dino in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

The CogniToys Dino, is an award – winning internet connected smart toy powered by Elemental Path’s Friendgine and IBM’s Watson technology. This is without a doubt the smartest toy your kids can have access to without the need of a screen!


The CogniToys Dino a 7 inch super cute dinosaur which is available in your choice of green, blue or pink color. It can respond to thousands of different questions from many different topics which are age appropriate.

The Dino which is recommended for kids ages 5-9, is super fun. Dino can adapt his answers to your kid’s age to keep the interaction fun and engaging. You can say Dino grows with your kids which will love their new play pal!
The CogniToys Dino, can participate in different subjects like math, geography and even spelling. In addition, the dinosaur can tell jokes and tell stories.


The Dinos are Wi-Fi- enabled and Cloud based and are constantly updated to add new content ensuring your kids will enjoy their new little friend for years to come. The Dino can remember your kid’s answers to different personal identifiers like kid’s name, age, and favorite color which allows him to have more personalized answers and interaction.


Once you connect your Dino to your Wi-Fi via the CogniToys App, the Dino will no longer need a phone or any other device and your kids can easily start using their Dino without the need to go through any extra steps or any adult assistance. All they need to do is to hold down the Dino belly button which activates the toy listening to your voice and let go once you are finished and have asked their question and are ready for a response… The Dino takes a couple of seconds to respond and here is the truly amazing part: his answers are actually smart answers so your kids can learn while having time. After all, the Dino gets its information from Watson, the smartest computer in the world.











The Dino will adjust its answers based on your kid’s age so they can understand and enjoy the conversation.
At 7” tall the Dino is very easy to hold and even little hands will have no problems operating the toy.

What else do you need to know?

To ensure safety ( I love this feature), the smart toy’s microphone is muted by default so the mic only turns on when your kid’s activate it and goes back to mute when the toy is not in use! The CogniToys Dino requires 4AA batteries which are included with the toy and should last last for 4 to 6 weeks depending on use. The battery panel is located at the bottom of the unit and you will need a small screw driver to access it. The bottom is also where the power and volume button is.






The Mic and the speaker are located on the nose of the dinosaur. It has what I think is a very reasonable MSRP of: $99.
Buy it:
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You can get your Dino a the CogniToys store:https://cognitoys.com/products/cognitoys-dino


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