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If you feel that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your various tasks, you are not alone. Millions of people feel that they are constantly running out of time and it can have a damning impact on their lives. However, it is possible to regain control.

Even if the cost of living crisis has forced you to take on more hours at work to survive, you needn’t give up. Focus on the 12 simple tips below, and you should see noticeable changes.

#1. Start with your sleep

When it feels that there aren’t enough hours in the day, sleeping more may seem like a bad move. On the contrary, the importance of sleep to your health means that you must give it the attention it deserves. Most people need 7-9 hours per night, and you should strive to achieve this.

Once you are suitably rested, it’ll be far easier to stay productive. Whether it’s at work or around this home, this will make a difference. It’ll feel like you need less time to get things done, which will easily compensate for the extra hours spent in bed. You’ll also find it easier to get up and attack the day.

#2. Cut your commute times

The average person works for at least 40 hours per week, with millions working significantly more. So, the last thing you want is to spend hours stuck in traffic each week. A motorbike would help you avoid this problem. Visiting txtoysales.com will show you a wide selection of affordable solutions. And they’re great for weekend rides too.

Alternatively, you can try to work remotely. It might not be possible to do this at all times but millions now enjoy hybrid work. If you can prove to your boss that it will not harm your output, you should get the answer you want. Aside from saving hours on commuting, it aids scheduling.

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#3. Automate ongoing admin

There is nothing worse than losing time to unenjoyable tasks that could have been automated through modern tech. When used efficiently modern tech can help you complete an array of tasks without any hassle. Automated bill payments and online grocery shopping are two great examples.

You can additionally use products like robotic vacuums to keep the home tidy. Of course, household appliances like clothes washers and dishwashers can be used to great effect. It’s not lazy, it’s smart. The hours saved on general household and daily chores will make a big impact on your life. 

#4. Get up early 

The importance of sleep has already been mentioned. Nonetheless, you should never overlook the value of getting up and getting things done. Whether it’s getting a start on work, managing the home, or other tasks doesn’t matter. If you are currently wasting two hours in the morning doing little else than eating breakfast, change it.

Likewise, you should look to make the most of the evening period. There’s nothing wrong with watching Netflix in the evening. However, it’s often far easier to be productive in the evening when distractions are removed. If losing 30 minutes per night can help you free up your weekend, it’s a fair trade.

#5. Exercise at home

Staying fit and healthy is imperative if you want to maintain the energy needed for daily life. Sadly, finding time to hit the gym isn’t always easy. Thankfully, home-based workouts provide a great alternative. You can find plenty of great options at lesmills.com. Or you can run or cycle the surrounding streets for cardio.

In addition to the time savings, there is no self-consciousness. Likewise, plans can be adapted to your requirements. When done correctly, you will enjoy simply incredible results. You’ll feel more confident and content in your body while also having more time to enjoy it. Perfect.

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#6. Embrace meal preps 

Exercise isn’t the only key feature of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is equally crucial for protecting your body on an immediate and long-term basis. Meal preps are a great way to control your calories. More importantly, it is one of the most effective ways to save valuable time as you will not lose an hour per day to cooking meals.

Setting aside a window for cooking a week’s worth of meals can also reduce your food budget. It has become an increasingly common choice for families, workers, and busy people from all backgrounds. If you’re looking for a simple lifestyle hack that makes a difference, this is it.

#7. Plan but don’t over plan

Planning is important, especially if you want to keep yourself on a clear path. However, too much thinking can lead to procrastination. Whether it’s putting off a work assignment or a DIY project, this will be harmful not least because the time you waste will cause a spike in stress levels.

In short, it’s good to strategize but vital that you also take action. Self-doubt is a productivity killer that will also steal your time. When you commit to finding the right balance, it will allow you to act with confidence in a variety of situations. The time you save from not procrastinating will allow you to enjoy life once more.

#8. Hire help around the home

Many people may assume that hiring an expert to complete tasks that you could do yourself is a waste. However, that is fundamentally how business works. So, why wouldn’t you want to embrace this in your family life? It will allow you to spend less time managing the home, and more time enjoying time with loved ones.

A wide range of professionals can be hired to support you around the home. Cleaners, landscape gardeners, and appliance repair services are just some examples. Experts work far quicker than you too. Working a day extra per month to cover the costs is far better than spending three days on a project. 

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#9. Cut down your social media time

Modern tech can improve our lives in many ways, and social media certainly has a lot to offer. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it can be very distracting. Downloading tools like appblock.app can transform your life. It stops you from mindlessly scrolling, thus clawing back several hours per week.

In addition to stopping distractions, it will prevent inferiority complexes. Social media algorithms show people living their best lives, which can make your lack of time feel even worse. When coupled with the fact that you’ll have more time for real-world interactions, you will see huge rewards.

#10. Quit bad influencers

Social media isn’t the only source of potentially damaging interactions. Frankly, your support network can either make or break your desire to regain control of your time. Friends and relatives should help you avoid distractions and find solutions to your current problems

When they fail to do this, it might be time to walk away. This is especially true if they lead you to irresponsible actions or stop you from completing important tasks. There should be no guilt about putting yourself first. In many cases, you’ll just need some time to focus on yourself and establish better habits.

#11. Say “no”

It’s great that you like to please people in a personal and professional capacity. However, agreeing to every event or responsibility can damage your quality of life. After all, constantly doing things for others means you will have no time for yourself. Therefore, you must learn to say “no” in the appropriate situations.

Some colleagues or friends may struggle to deal with this, but it shouldn’t matter. You have already confirmed that you value your time by opening this blog post. So, don’t be afraid to actively protect it at every given opportunity. Likewise, if you genuinely have to cancel plans, that’s fine too.

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#12. Plan

The idea that you need to become a successful multi-tasker to manage your time is very wrong. In fact, it’s far better to focus on one task as you can get it done quickly and move on to the next. Writing a to-do list for the day or week is a good start. You should then build a clear schedule for when you’ll complete each task.

Aside from promoting a better mindset, it’ll allow you to incorporate little breaks during the day. A five-minute rest at the end of a task will refresh your mind before the next. While it can feel a little alien at first, you’ll achieve far more each day. Better still, once you’re in a recreational mode, you’ll be able to truly relax.

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