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Getting the kids for a fun summer I believe is a top priority for all parents. I have two kids, my daughter just turned 11 and her brother and her baby brother just turned 3 on the exact same day…Yes, both my kids were born on the exact same day 8 years apart, go figure.


Different ages, different needs

As you would expect, they have very different needs, not just because one is a boy and the other is a girl, but because of their age difference.


While my son will stay home with me, my daughter will be going to summer camp and as I do every year, I am already getting all the things I will need for camp.


Making the best of summer and summer camp

Summer is a fun time and kids are looking forward to this time of the year and looking forward to spending time outside enjoying their time with friends and family.


Sun protection is very important and as parents, we need to make an effort to create awareness and let kids know that sun can be very dangerous and lead to long-lasting consequences when we abuse sun exposure.



Sun protection at all times

It is very simple if kids will be exposed to the rays of the sun they need protection. Learn the best ways to keep them protected while they are outdoors. Sunscreen, sun protective clothing, and hats are some of the most popular ways to keep your family protected while enjoying the great outdoors.

Do not forget shoes

Having the right apparel is key to a great summer and one of the key elements is comfortable durable shoes. They are vital for a fun summer experience and luckily, there are brands like Jambu that offer parents a selection of shoes that are designed with kids in mind.

JambuKD Anthozoa kid’s shoes


The JambuKD Anthozoa features a sleek hybrid design that combines a sneaker-type shoe with a pair of sandals to deliver the comfort and durability of sneakers with the breathability of a pair of sandals.

JambuKD Anthozoa kid’s shoes with All Terra Traction for superior grip and flexibility



Made to tackle the summer, the shoes are fast drying, made with lasting quality materials, have great traction and flexibility, and feature adjustable bungee lacing with toggles for a better fit. I love the removable, machine washable insoles for fresh shoes all summer long.

JambuKD Anthozoa kid’s shoes with fast-drying, breathable Water Ready construction



Close toes for protection and side cutouts for ventilation, these are great for summer camp. The shoes are available in a selection of colors for boys and girls.


So what are your plans for the family this summer? Are your kids ready?

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