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I have always been a fan of personalized gifts and love the idea of adding a special message to a piece of jewelry to make that piece even more unique and special for the recipient.


While there are many ways and pieces that can be personalized for women, doing so for a man might not be so easy because there are many men that prefer not to wear jewelry, they only wear their wedding rings and a watches.

The watch is the answer

Jord- Hyde Wood Watch
I have been a huge fan of handcrafted wood watches for quite a while now, they come in really beautiful, refined designs that are created with raw materials and deliver such a unique look. The great thing about a wood watch is not only their unique look and designs and the fact they are timepieces, but they are an elegant accessory.


What makes a wooden watch so unique?

Wood watches are crafted from a variety of woods like Bamboo, Ebony, Acacia, Maple, Koa…Each of these woods has their own very particular looks that will enhance your timepiece. They also have their own personality, grain, and colors. You can choose a wood color from rich dark colors to delicate light colors with very distinctive wood patterns or very subtle patterns and a grain that would best match your personality and lifestyle.

Jord Wood Watch and box

Some companies, like Jord, give you the option to add an inscription to your watch, making an already unique gift even more special.


Why engraving?

There is something very special about adding a message to something he will be wearing all the time and when that engraving is on a hidden spot like the back of a wooden watch, it’s like a secret message just between the two of you and that is priceless.

Jord Hyde- Wood watch for a fathers day gift

An engraved watch can tell a lot in just a few words while delivering a very powerful message and it shows how much thought you put into choosing this one-of-a-kind gift.

Jord Hyde Wood watch

What would you say on an engraved watch?

Buy it?
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