With the new year, new trends will be on the horizon, and it is really easy to be caught up in revamping your wardrobe to fit the season’s latest trends.

What trends are right for you?

But let’s be honest, a lot is going on in the fashion world, and between the dip-dye, cut-outs, faux fur coats, low-rise jeans, and any other fashions designers decide to throw our way, the fashion trends may begin to seem overwhelming as the outfit options become endless and you might feel like you are going down a rabbit hole.

The secret is in the accessories

Next time you’re standing in the dressing room of your favorite clothing brand, trying to decide between all the pieces you brought into the fitting room, let me remind you that jewelry is what makes and completes an outfit.

Sometimes less is more

So as much as you want to keep on with the new trends, try to visualize what you will pair the new pieces on your wardrobe with.

Do yourself a favor, keep your fashion simple, include a few easy-to-work-with pieces, and focus on the jewelry portion of your outfit.

The sky is the limit

The jewelry trends for 2023 are going to give you endless possibilities; going from simple silver hoops to bold bangles and statement rings, there’s a jewelry trend to add a little extra flair to any look you want to go for.

By the same token, while your outfit is an expression of your style, the jewelry pieces often tell a story and can be considered your personal signature.

What you want to project to the world in the sense of fashion and style is always your choice and can be accentuated by small or big pieces of jewelry you match your outfit with.

One for every day

Many people go as far as to have a signature piece of jewelry that is worn daily, and people sometimes associate with the wearer… A ring, a bracelet, a necklace… You know that one piece that is part of your everyday attire, and you can dress up or dress down by adding other pieces of jewelry to your existing piece.

In my case, it is a very simple yet elegant engraved bracelet that I wear day in and day out and hardly ever take off.

One piece of jewelry for everyday

Other people prefer to change their jewelry as often as every day, which is also ok …You are your own trendsetter and should always do what feels right for you and do not let others dictate what you wear.

Follow and lead at the same rate; who says you are not to be the next trendsetter?!

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