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Winter is upon us and many of us are beginning to feel the chill. Temperatures are dropping and the weather outside is getting worse, meaning that most of us will begin to entirely hibernation mode and spend more time in our homes. Of course, you’re going to want to do what you can to keep yourself cozy. We’re living through a cost of living crisis, so you may be looking for further, lower cost and more sustainable solutions to simply having the heating on full throughout the day and night. Here are a few suggestions that should help you with this!

Heating Systems

First, it’s a good idea to make sure that your heating systems are in place, operating well, and up to date. Older systems can experience faults through wear and tear. You don’t want to boot your system up, only to find that your boiler needs a replacement part that’s not going to be in stock for weeks. Checking early can save delays and get your heating on as soon as possible.


Next up, is insulation. It’s all good and well having a quality heating system in place, but insulation is what’s going to keep your spaces warm. Rather than having to leave your heating on constantly, racking up a huge energy bill, you can heat your home in the morning and good insulation can help to retain that heat for hours. Check that your loft is well insulated, as heat rises and will quickly escape through your roof otherwise. It’s also good to have insulated walls.

Double Glazing

Your roof isn’t the only area of your home that loses heat easily. Glass is a great conductor, which means your windows will transfer heat from inside your home to outside your home quickly. Double glazing prevents this heat loss.

Hot Water Systems

Cold water in the winter can be unbearable, so make sure your water heating systems are in good shape. Quality Water Heaters will ensure that you have a consistent supply of hot water for bathing, showers, cleaning, and more.

Hot Water Bottles

Now, let’s focus on some lower-cost, simple additions to your home that can really help you to feel cozy, even during the coldest months. Hot water bottles are a great investment and can be used to warm your body, whether you lay yours across your feet, stomach, thighs, or anywhere else. Make sure to follow instructions properly.

Layers and Slippers

Layer up! Wearing plenty of layers will help you to conserve heat. Slippers and fluffy socks are a great addition to your winter wardrobe too, as feet can be one of the first areas of your body that you reduce blood supply when the temperature drops, meaning they can get cold pretty fast.

Blankets and Throws

Stock up on blankets and throws for your bed or to wrap around yourself when you’re watching TV or reading a book on the sofa. If you want to pick up a new hobby, you could even try knitting your own!

Each of these tips will really help you to stay snug as a bug in a rug this winter! Give them a try and you’ll feel the benefit before you know it.

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