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The key to an organized living space is the pieces you add to that space. Creating a space that is pleasing to the eye and organized is not as hard as it might sound, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve it.

One of the biggest challenges for me has always been my daughter’s bedroom. She is the opposite of organized and pays very little attention to detail when it comes to her bedroom.

Get Her Involved

As a way to peak her interest and create a sense of pride in her bedroom, I used some of her favorite decorating elements and implemented them in her room décor.

Choose a Theme

To make the whole process easy, it’s always a good idea to choose a theme and stick to it. If your kids are anything like mine, they can get off track pretty easily and make some really eclectic choices that can quickly lose the theme you decided to use for their room.

Colors Are Very Important

Colors have a direct effect on people, so choose your color pallet carefully and stay away from colors that are too dark or too bright.


If you do decide to go with a strong color, I would recommend using it only on the wall behind the bed’s headboard and use it as a starting point for the rest of the room’s décor.

Keep the Space as Clean as Possible

Less is often more, and that is a very important rule when it comes to tweens and teens. Clutter can take over quite quickly if there are too many things in the room. To begin with, try to keep unnecessary elements out of the equation to avoid the room getting cluttered.

Assign a Place for Everything

You might want to take the time and work with your kids to organize the room in a way that is functional and keep the aesthetics at the same time.

After a few days, the kids will know where everything goes and will just place things where they belong when you say those mean words: “Clean up your room!” Proper organization will make the process easier for both of you.

Clear Boxes for the Closet

I am a big fan of clear boxes for the kids’ closets and my own, for that matter. They are a great way to keep the closet space neat and organized, and the items inside can be found without hassle or having to go through every drawer in the room. I especially like these boxes for shoe organization and storage.

Double-Duty Furniture Is a Plus

Furniture that has more than one function is also a plus when it comes to room organization. Consider something like this Maxwell 2-in-1 wooden floor lamp with shelves. The free-standing lamp that provides soft lighting and the three-tier display shelves allows you to organize and display small objects.

A lamp like this, it’s a great way to add extra lighting while adding some storage and display areas for books or personal effects.

Versatile and Convenient

The Maxwell 2-in-1 wooden floor lamp with shelves offers a contemporary design that can easily fit different rooms of the home and complement different décor schemes. Available in four different colors to match your needs, the lamp opens up at the top and delivers a diffused glow through its translucent panel.

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