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Summer is almost here and the change in light shows up any tiny imperfections in our homes. Most maintenance and decorating tasks are best completed in the Spring and summer, as you can open the windows and allow your home to be flooded with fresh air – fantastic for getting rid of paint fumes. During the winter months, damage can be caused by leaves, inclement weather, snow and winter storms. Before the damage gets worse, it is best to tackle these maintenance tasks as quickly as possible. Winter lends itself to cozy colors, dark corners and comfortable rugs and throws. In Spring and summer, you may feel like freshening your home up by decorating in a new, fresh color palette.

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This article aims to highlight some essential maintenance tasks and Modern Home Decor and Design Trends for 2018 to make you fall in love with your home, all over again! Grab a piece of paper and a pan and give your home a site survey. Write down essential maintenance tasks that need completing and draw up wish list of decorating tips. Pinterest is fab for designing and pinning images of “looks” that you love.


Don’t forget to draw up a budget and decide whether tasks can be completed by yourself or whether you need to hire expert assistance.



Check your roof for loose tiles. High winds during winter storms can cause tiles to become loose or broken. TV aerials and chimneys can also become damaged and potentially dangerous. These maintenance tasks are essential as a loose tile may progress into a missing a tile and before you know it you could have a major leak to contend with! An aerial or chimney  that falls can cause injury to a person as well as damage to surrounding structures.


Check boundaries

Fences and walls surrounding your property can take a battering during the winter. Whole fence panels can be blown over and gates become dislodged. It is important to keep your boundaries in a good state of repair for both security and safety reasons. This is especially important if you have young children or pets.


Make your windows sparkle

The lighter conditions during spring and summer can really show up any smudges and dirt on windows. Give the exterior windows of your home a good clean, so that the sunshine can stream into your home. If the task is too large to do yourself, there will be window cleaners in your area who can help. Set up a regular time for them to be cleaned in order to keep on top of the task. Clean the window frames, ledges and door frames at the same time to really make your home sparkle!.


Check guttering

It is important to clear out gutters in the Spring as blocked gutters can cause damp issues. There are likely to be lots of debris in the gutters following Autumn and winter due to fallen leaves. You may find that parts of the guttering need replacing especially if you have had heavy snowfall. The weight of the snow can cause guttering to become broken or unattached from the wall.


Sheds and outhouses

Unstable and damaged structures can be dangerous, as well as they won’t serve their intended purpose. High winds have a habit of tearing roof felt, so replace as necessary. Fix any holes, loose parts of the structure and general stability as soon as possible or replace the whole structure if beyond repair. Give existing structures a coat of paint or varnish to extend the life of your shed.



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The summer months yearn for colour and it’s astonishing what a few colourful pots of Spring or summer flowers can do for your home. Tidy your garden and remove any dead foliage. Then fill your garden with colour using flowers that you love. It’s a good idea to plant flowers that smell fantastic, which also have the added benefit of being attractive to bees. Place pots around your doorway to make a welcoming entrance.   


Now for the inside!

Declutter and clean

Tackle every room in your house and remove any clutter that has built up. Divide your items into keep, sell, throw away or give to charity. Once you have decluttered you’ll be amazed at how much space is created.


Once you have decluttered, give your home a really good clean. Include windows and skirting boards. Grab a feather dusty and get rid of all the cobwebs and dust lingering in corners.


You will now have a blank canvas, allowing you to redecorate using some bright on-trend colours. Add a few stylish accessories and you will soon love your home again.




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