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Making learning fun with educational games

I am of the mindset that it is never too early for getting your little one’s ready for school and helping them with their learning and concentration skills. I love using fun educational games and toys to help me help the kids while having fun…Kids are more receptive when they are having a good time and you and your child can have a great time while improving many of the skills that they will later need in order to excel.

The right tools

There are many educational toys and games that you can use as a learning tool, but it is very important that you follow age recommendations. Not just because of possible choking hazards, but because a toy that is too advanced or too easy for your kids can end up in boredom or frustration.

Start with the basics

The alphabet and numbers will be two of the most used tools and a game like the Magnetic Game Box ABC Expedition is very handy.

Educational toys

The game comes in a handy hard cardboard carrying case with handle and features a cute set of magnetic letters that are a great first introduction to teach the letters of the alphabet for kids ages 3+ .

Featuring a total of 147 magnetic pieces, the game includes 3 background images, and 5 perforated cards that will awaken your little one’s love for writing and letters.

magnetic games

As I have come to expected from HABA products, the set is made with high quality materials and the convenient carrying case included makes this an amazing travel set.

on the go toys, travel toys

For kids 5+ I love something like the Educational  Insights Hot Dot Jr.

Loaded with 160 self- checking lessons on 80 double – sided cards, your kids will learn about sight words, get started on reading and comprehension and even word problems. Your child will also be introduced to science , addition and subtraction, and even time and money.

educational toys. learning toys

Leave your kids in the hands of the very wise Ollie the owl for a fun yet educational play time…Who said learning can’t be fun?

To get the teaching process with Ollie started, you will need 2 AAA batteries that are not included with the set and a little one that is at least 5 years old.

I was really impressed with the game and how much fun the kids can have while Ollie the wise owl helps them learn about different subjects.

learning games

Whenever you touch a correct answer dot, Ollie turns green and your kids are rewarded with fun motivating sounds. When the kids pick a wrong answer, Ollie will glow red and gently encourage them to keep trying.

I love this game but more importantly, the kids love it too and will love learning with Ollie…It is just amazing how quickly kids can absorb things when they are having a good time.

These are just two ways to use educational  games and toys to set the right learning path for your kids and utilize their play time to their advantage.

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