Selecting an AC repair company from the numerous ones available to you is a very big decision. You may want to choose that national, multi-state big company you see all over the internet and TV.

After all, they spend so much money on ads and visibility. Hence, most people believe these bigger AC repair firms are better. But have you ever sat back to think that this may not be true; that a local HVAC company may offer you a better and more satisfying service?

It is common knowledge now that bigger isn’t always better. In this brief yet informative read, we will be considering some of the reasons a local AC repair company may be a better choice.

1. Better Customer Service

Because it is a local business, they know just how powerful a referral or negative customer feedback is. They are aware that words of how they handle their customers would get around fast, so they are always careful when it comes to customer service.

Aside from this, the chances of getting swift replies when you need to talk to someone are quite higher than if you are working with an interstate company. With a big national company, you would have to first call their call center, you may be placed on hold, and at the end of the day, you may end up not speaking with a technician.

2. Chances of Subcontracting is Reduced

It may not always be true, but sometimes, these big-name guys may subcontract the job to other companies. If for some reason you later have an issue that needs to be resolved after the job has been done, getting the problem fixed may be difficult.

A smaller and local firm most likely will do the jobs themselves; so, if you have issues afterward they will be resolved a lot quicker.

3. Local Expertise

When talking about HVAC services, having local expertise on the job can be very beneficial. The entire team most likely lives in the environs, therefore, they know the environment very well. Hence, they can understand the issues better because they are well aware of how the climate may affect your air conditioning systems. You can visit to learn how the temperature outside can affect your AC.

4. Might be Cheaper

Remember when we started, we spoke about how visible these big companies are because they spend a lot on ads? Well, these ads cost a lot and where do you suspect the money comes from?

We hate to be the ones to break it to you but those who patronize national companies oftentimes have to pay higher costs. Well, running multi-state business costs a lot so if profit has to be made, charges have to be higher.

On the flip side, a local business may have a better price deal, and as we have said they might also offer more quality service and better customer care.

5. Local Companies Work Well With Utility Providers

A local AC repair company would likely work better with the utility providers in the area. This way, the basic standards, and guidelines will be properly followed. As we already said, a smaller company is usually focused on the relationship they form. This ensures reliability, efficiency, and great all-around service.

6. Checking References is Easier

Before you hire any service, it is advisable to ask for and check references. You can read this if you want to know more about the importance of a reference check. In a national firm, the team members that will handle your job may be from very different areas that might be far away from yours.

When this is the case, conducting a proper reference check could be tasking. This is because the references might very well be outside your area. But with a smaller business, you do not have to go through this stress when doing a reference check.


The idea that a national AC repair company is better than a local one is nothing more than a myth. Sometimes, just as we have proved in this article, the smaller guys around you might be the best choice. However, the decision on whether to hire a national or local AC repair company is solely yours. But, despite what your decision is, ensure you do a proper check on any company you decide to hire.

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