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What do you look for when you are shopping for wedding bands?

I was amazed to see how limited the designs are for men’s wedding bands, while there are millions of choices for women.

Truth is, you can find different options other than a plain gold band for your man, but that comes with a price tag.

men wedding bands

I have always liked unique and one of a kind design, but my husband is more traditional and likes simple design which is OK. But adding a little spice is a lot of fun and there are other men that like their wedding bands to be a bit more unconventional.

Reality is all men are created differently and they should have a choice to show their personality through the one piece of jewelry they will use on a daily basis.

unique wedding bands

So what should you do when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a wedding band? Fortunately, there are options for manly men that want to add a different touch to their wedding band.

Different personalities and budget

Ideally, we would all have a huge budget for our wedding day but that is just not the case. Having a choice for a wedding band that shows your personality without taking a huge chunk out of your budget is a really nice thing.

Have you ever heard of the Manly bands?

To be quite honest, I only heard about this company a few weeks ago, but I loved the concept and got their catalog right away!

fashionable men wedding bands

Manly Bands carries a wide variety of very unique and non-traditional tungsten and titanium rings, with a full range of sizes from 5 to 17. Most stores don’t carry above a size12, so larger men have an even harder time finding the right wedding band at the right price.

Manly Bands range in price from $85 to $200, which makes them much more affordable than your traditional jeweler or online store.

But the true beauty of these wedding bands is their uniqueness and how they use different materials and even added color to the traditional wedding band. This makes them a one of a kind ring to match your personality.

Fun names and materials

Because these are fun wedding bands, their names are also lots of fun and you will find names like the conqueror, or the instigator! But make no mistake, the quality and designs are not funny and these wedding bands are made with a great attention to details.

unconventional men wedding bands

They use different materials for their bands, but what caught my eye was their wood bands…They are just gorgeous!

wooden wedding bands

Not just for the married man

The unique design of these bands makes them a great ring for any man looking to add a fashionable touch to their attire, married or not.


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