So this is my 4th week in the Nutrisystem program. I received my second food shipment and I LOVE the food!
No having to count, measure, or weigh anything makes everything so hassle free. Simply get the food out of the box or bag and follow the heating instructions and you are all set.




This week I have been eating a lot of their melts ( I am obsessed with the meatball and cheese melt ), their pizzas, and burgers are really tasty as well, so as you can see I can have a lot of my favorites without feeling guilty after I do.






The scale still marks a loss of 4 lbs for this week, BUT I look and feel a lot lighter…Best part? I lost a 1 ½ size…When I started the program I was using a size 8, but I put on a size 6 pair of shorts this morning and they actually fit. I must be doing something really good, because my trainer asked me about the program…She is very impressed with what Nutrisystem and exercising are doing for me. Keep in mind that I am just training a couple of days a week for 30 minutes and walking 2-3 days a week for 30-60 minutes, nothing crazy and totally doable by anyone.


I have also felt more energetic and motivated, super motivated and while I was dragging to go to the gym and only went walking a couple of times after having the baby, now, I am actually looking forward to both my walks and my gym time.


One thing I have not been very good at this past week is drinking all the water I am supposed to which is very important when you are on a diet, so I need to improve that part!


One other thing I have learned and am loving, is that Nutrisystem has a website full with tips, success stories ( if you need a little inspiration), recipes and interactive content called the leaf whose purpose is to help you stay on track. They even have to let you know what to order when you eat at a restaurant!


I Love the leaf and all the different tips and information that they have made available for everybody. That’s right, anyone can access all the helpful information on the site and it is FREE!

As a member of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem  provided me with food and program to review. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

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