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Lots of us love Victoria’s Secret and count the days for the semi-annual sale…Saving on the items we love is AWESOME. Now there are something’s about the sale that you should know, so you can get the most from the sale.

A few days before the sale starts, they will start to offer sales and deals, these deals however are not as good as what you will get once the semi-annual sale kicks off. The sale is the best time to stock up on all Victoria’s Secret products and that includes beauty supplies and clothing.

When it comes to clothing you will always get a better selection online as most of the physical stores have limited storage space and for that reason, they carry just a few designs and styles.

Whenever you are buying underwear, check on the deals. Most of their panties are sold as a three for $33.00 or 5 for $26.00 for the cotton panties. No matter what style and this goes on all year around, now, every now and then, they will have the 7 for $26.00 on their cotton panties (mix and match between Victoria’s Secret and Pink) and this is the best deal you can get on their cotton panties.

When the Semi-annual sale starts, you will see a lot of 50 % discounts markdowns, and you will think that a great deal….Now pay attention because a lot of people do not know this: Their semi-annual sale lasts about 2 weeks, a lot of people hold off until closer to the end date because they want the best price they can get which is understandable. However, the problem with waiting is that by the end of the sale, most colors, sizes and styles are already gone.

What would you say if I tell you that you can get dibs on the best selection and sizes and pay the final lowest sale price? Well it is really no mystery. If people would take the time and actually read the back of their receipt, they would learn that Victoria’s Secret has a 14 days price adjustment policy…So even if you go and buy your items day one of the sale, you can get a price adjustment (you will need your receipt), and any markdowns will be returned to you in the same method of payment.

One important thing is to make sure you bring with you the same credit card or debit card you paid with if for whatever reason you do not have it, they will refund your money on a gift card.

If you take into consideration that the sale starts at a 50%, and usually goes all the way to a 75% discount, that is an extra 25% discount from the original price you are pocketing. In addition, their bras go as low as $15.99 and their panties go down to $2.99 and ….Just make sure you do not miss the time frame window for the adjustment…Oh you do not need to bring your receipt, their computer can automatically do this.

Another little tip…Their January sale is the perfect time to get all the beauty and fragrance sets as they usually come up with the new sets for Christmas and need to get rid of them in the January semiannual sale. Happy shopping!


This is a personal post for which I was not compensated and I am not in any kind of affiliation with Victoria’s Secret.

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