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Onoxa is a dynamic digital platform for business owners to customize their own skin care products and build their brand. Through an efficient and cost-effective solution to the private label industry, Onoxa has truly revolutionized the options for salons, spas, smaller mom and pops businesses, and budding entrepreneurs. With an experienced and dedicated team of developers and designers, Onoxa has the tools and expertise to bring any brand to fruition. With true entrepreneurial spirit, it’s refreshing to hear that they are committed to excellence in helping businesses grow and flourish in the hair and skincare industries.


The Onoxa Difference


Onoxa enables business owners and creators to enter the entrepreneurial world with true force. In fact, their product developers specialize in customizing existing or new beauty and skin care products. This includes skin creams, topical lotions, serums, beard oils, cleansers and so much more. In this fast-paced and challenging industry, you need the right platform to propel your products to new heights and greater visibility. That’s why Onoxa works hard to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for all of their clients.


In a few easy steps, you can have your very own skin care brand on your store shelves for your customers to purchase; and all without having to order minimums of thousands of units!  Think of the warehouse space you’d have to secure. With Onoxa, you simply order as much product as you need and when you anticipate running out of inventory, just order a resupply. All of your company information and branding is securely stored for future use.


As a new digital platform for hair and skincare businesses or entrepreneurs, Onoxa strives for perfection at every turn. To ensure their customers keep returning for stellar service, their business runs on these four core principles


  • INNOVATION – Sharing innovative concepts, offerings and designs. Pushing boundaries that open doors to a wealth of new opportunities for businesses.
  • EMPOWERMENT – Inspiring entrepreneurs and creators to build their own unique brands. Product development teams that can turn all your dreams into realities.
  • CONSISTENCY – Creating products that look good, feel good and serve a purpose. Captivating and compelling designs that effectively attract and engage core, niche or mass consumers.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Products that educate and inform customers about benefits, ingredients, and more. Showcasing hair, skin or beauty items and accessories that will help your business and brand grow – both online and offline.


Onoxa Product Lines


Onoxa is truly the next wave in affordable skin care product development and production. They offer the perfect platform to create, innovate and participate. With years of extensive industry experience, their product developers and in-house design team can help you create your own brand, prosper and grow in any niche or sector. The content offerings span the entire hair and skincare industries allowing for modifications or launches of new lines within time and budget. Here are some of the products Onoxa can help you create and market in your very own store:


  • SKIN CARE – Wrinkle removers, acne and blemish removers, and topical creams or solutions for daily cleansing and cleaning. Products that tackle Crow’s Feet, laugh lines, and revitalize and rejuvenate essential skin pores. Items that truly help customers look great, feel great, and capture the Fountain of Youth.


  • EYE SERUMS – Products designed to remove dark circles under the eyes due to stress or aging. Makeup removers that eliminate all debris, while soothing the eyes with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


  • MOISTURIZERS – Skin moisturizers that keep the epidermis looking and smelling fresh all day. Daily cleansers, face serums, and creams/lotions that tackle aging, wrinkles, crinkles, acne, blemishes and other undesirable skin spots.


  • HAIRCARE — Beard oils, aftershave formluas, cleansers and so much more.


To stay updated on how to create your own affordable product line and grow your business, subscribe to their mailing list on their website and follow Onoxa on Facebook.  Be the first in line to create your own products when Onoxa officially launches in August!

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