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Right after my trip to Ohio, I managed to get some kind of upper respiratory infection which pretty much kept me out of circulation for the rest of the summer and for which I am still taking medication for even after having two rounds of antibiotics and a shock treatment of steroids.

One of my main concerns while being sick was not to get anyone else in the family sick, especially my little guy…Whom is just two years old and my biggest fan, so it was really hard to keep him away from me in order to avoid getting him sick.

How far would you go?

Staying away from him was not an option, I was sick for several weeks and I needed to stay close to my baby boy, so I was very careful and tried my best not to spread whatever virus I had and I washed my hands as often as possible, but I felt that was not enough.

We spend a lot of time snuggling in the living room watching the television and sometimes we use my tablet (quite often it seems) to watch cartoons…I was concerned about handling the tablet, and other objects like the TV remote and getting him sick.

UV- C light

UV light has been used for several years in the medical field as an effective sanitizing method, Phone Soap uses the UV- C light technology to kill germs.

Phone Soap XL UV- C light sanitizer

How does it work?

To give you an idea of how does the UV light works, let me start by saying that there are three UV light wavelength categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. The UV-C wavelength is different as the first two are longer and not a germicidal while the UV-C light is shorter and an effective germicidal wavelength.

The UV-C light is deadly to microorganisms because it destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart the germ DNA and as a result, they cannot function or reproduce and the organism ends up dying.

Phone Soap XL UV- C light sanitizer

The PhoneSoap XL UV- C light sanitizer is an easy and effective way to avoid the spread of germs and can be used on anything from a pacifier which inevitably ends up on the floor, to a tablet and anything in between.

The handy sanitizer can be used on a multitude of items, which items did I use it on the most? Well the pacifiers, remote control, my phone and my tablet which is the initial intent of this device.

User friendly

The unit is extremely easy to use, just plug it in, insert whatever it is you want to sanitize, close the door and the lighting symbol on the door will light up…The process takes about 15 minutes and when the cycle is complete, the unit will shut off.

Phone Soap XL UV- C light sanitizer


The unit allows you to charge your tablet while it is being sanitized thanks to a slot on the back of the unit that allows you to insert the charger cable into the PhoneSoap XL.

This UV-C light Sanitizer is said to kill 99.99% of Germs without harming your tablet or other items that can be sanitized.
The process is done purely with the UV-C lights, so there is no heat, no liquid and no chemicals making the process save for all family members.

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