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As a parent, I am constantly taking photos and videos of both my kids. Especially of the baby, well because he is a baby and he is at that stage where even when he gets in trouble, it is cute and I want to capture as many of those moments as possible even if it is only to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend 20 years from now!

Smart phones have made the picture taking business so much easier that it is hard not to take advantage of it, the down side? I would say that a good 90% of those phones never make it out of the memory card…I can’t tell you how often I would be looking for a photo on my phone when I would come across great pictures that I completely forgot about!

The best ally for the modem times compulsive photographer?

A digital photo frame for sure! Thank goodness someone at some point realized the need of those memories coming out of the memory cards and into the light to bring back those special times.

Finding the best digital photo frame for you

While there are many different options, I have found that not all of them work the same and so far my favorite option is the PhotoSpring – 10.1″ Widescreen LCD Wi-Fi digital photo frame.

PhotoSpring – 10.1″ Widescreen LCD Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

Why is the PhotoSpring digital photo frame the easiest way to display memorable moments?

The photo frame is easy to set up and works and can be accessed via the PhotoSpring free app and allows you to send photos and videos in real time!

That is exactly what sets this digital photo frame apart from any other I have seen so far. This is the first frame that will allow me to send video and lets not mention the real time…

Just picture this holiday season when you are with your kids opening up presents and you can send grandma and grandpa the kid’s reactions to Santa’s gifts as they are happening, baby’s first words, first steps… That is priceless!

The setup is really user friendly and there are step by step prompts to guide you through.

Once your frame is set up, you and your friends can share photos and videos thanks to the PhotoSpring Wi-Fi connectivity.

More than a digital photo frame

Usually when you get one of these devices, you get the frame functionality and see your images displayed as a photo show, but with this frame you get a lot more than that, not just because of the video capability, but also because it also allows you to use it as an album.

photo album, digital

Digital album option

The 10.1-inch HD touch screen provides users with high-quality images and manual browsing, so you can go through the pictures the same way you would do with a tablet.

photos display

Clean, modern design, the PhotoSpring digital photo frame offers different storage capacity options, and features intelligent photo selection functionality that automatically formats pictures for optimal display quality.

Why I like it?

PhotoSpring gathers the photos from my Smartphone and other storage devices to display in plain view, the same way a photo frame would do, but it also changes the photos shown throughout the day, so I can enjoy all of them, photos will no longer be forgotten in the memory card ever again!

photo sharing, video

More to love?

My family and friends are wide spread: Italy, New York, Spain, Dominican Republic, New Zealand….With this digital photo frame, I can invite my friends and family to share photos which would be automatically displayed…Just imaging walking in your living room and finding new photos of your best friends in Spain being displayed without you lifting a finger!

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