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Ready for Spring break? If you are planning to hit the road with your family and enjoy of some quality family time, then, you need to make sure you have all you need to make the most out of your vacation.

Spring is almost here and you have decided to pack the car and hit the road with your family, you’ve made the reservations, looked up for different activities for the whole family when you’ve have reached your destination, and even checked for kid-friendly restaurants in the area, but are you all set for the trip?

Before you start your family trip

There are a few simple steps you can follow before you leave home to make the most of your trip. Step number one is to check the car and make sure it is in optimal condition for the family trip.

Pack ahead of time to ensure you have all you and the rest of the family members need for the trip. Making a list is always a great way to ensure you have all that is needed).

Pack accordingly with the weather, but include a jacket just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Set aside comfortable clothes and shoes for the trip for all family members and especially the kids.

For the trip

As a parent, you know that a long ride with kids in the car can be really stressful, and making the car ride comfortable and fun can make a huge difference for everyone traveling.

We all know to bring along snacks and drinks for the car ride, as a parent we know that having snacks in the car can be chaotic and we often end up with half of the food on the floor of the car. A car seat tray can help you avoid the mess and make snacking on the go a lot easier. , family trip, family trip

Because you want to keep it simple and avoid clutter, a compact design tray can safely hold your kid’s drink and snacks. You also want this tray to be made with materials that are safe for the kids, that is easy to clean and will easily fit on the car seat or drink cup holder.

I love the for kids and yes, for me too. I can place my drink and food on the tray and forget about food spilling everywhere while I drive.

A snack is a very important piece of the puzzle, but you certainly need more than food if you are planning to have the kids locked in a car for several hours.

If you are packing any DVD players or tablets for the kids, then I highly recommend to bring them a pair of headphones if you do not want to hear Peppa pig for the next several hours. That said, do not pack just any pair of headphones… Make sure you are packing a pair of kid-friendly headphones for your Spring break vacation.

WAVE Bluetooth headphones , travel with kids,family trip

BuddyPhones WAVE is safe, comfortable, and durable. The Bluetooth headphones feature a 24-hour battery life which allows hitting the road and forgetting about recharging or running out of power while still on the road.

They can conveniently hold a charge for 10 days (2-3 hrs/day). Their comfortable, adjustable headband grows with your child and the soft hypo-allergenic cushions add to the comfort factor. They work with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPads, iPhones, Amazon Kindle, car DVD players…Best feature? You can choose the best audio level to protect your toddler or child’s hearing.

Several kids?Each pair of WAVE Bluetooth headphones come with an optional 3.5mm gold-plated BuddyCable that allows up to 4 children listening to one device simultaneously. Now your kids and your ears are protected during the trip!

For the little ones that are still in diapers

One of the biggest issues I have found while traveling with my kids are bathrooms with changing tables. Sometimes, they are not available, and quite honestly, I would not lay down on some of the changing tables! The logical and best solution I found for traveling with kids in diapers?

The Beanko changing station is by far the best solution I have seen for changing a baby while you are on the go.

Beanko changing station , family trip, travel with kids

The smart design changing station lies flat across a car’s sloped seat and keeps your baby from rolling into the seat back while getting their diaper changed.

Developed by a bank manager from California, the Beanko is made of a high-quality and durable nylon that attaches and folds up against the back or front seat for easy access to the storage compartment. The compartment holds everything you will need for a quick and hassle-free diaper change.

The versatile design features a removable changing pad for tummy time and as the kids grow, you can remove the changing pad and place the Beanko behind the front seats for extra storage!

Coloring books and crayons along with travel toys are a good way to keep your kids busy and can be a great way for them to entertain each other and prevent the dreaded backseat arguments.

Are you all ready for your next family trip adventure?

What do you do before and after you hit the road with your family?

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