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Raise your hand if you remember waving a Polaroid instant photo film to get it to dry faster!

Oh, I remember those times… and while the first instant camera was created before I was born, the technology got even more popular as time went by.

It started as black-and-white prints and along came the peel-apart color prints in 1963, and non-peel-apart color prints followed in 1972. By 1977.

Polaroid held two-thirds of the instant camera market, despite competition from Kodak and whenever people thought of the instant camera, they thought of Polaroid.

A lot has happened since the time of the bulky and heavy instant camera was so popular… Internet smart phones, memory cards, but there has always been something exceptional about the Polaroid instant cameras hens they have many fans around the world.

The next generation.

There have been several improved versions throughout the years, and with the pass of time, the Polaroid cameras become smaller, smarter and easy to use.

The new Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera allows users to snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly with app-driven creative and modern Bluetooth connectivity.

For creative people

These little beauties are a must-have for any creative people… thinking to do a vision board? These would be great for that.

For teenagers

Yes, this would be great for teenage girls, or do you know any girl of 12 years old and up that is not always taking photos of herself and her close friends?

For moms

Because let’s admit, we love those little moments we often get of the kids being cute, and we want the world to see… Yes, I am talking about the fridge!

Why this one?

Because this tiny but mighty little camera can point, shoot and print in a matter of seconds.

It is a lot of fun, and you can make it even more fun by framing your shot using the touchscreen display!

The biggest seller for me?

 You can decide which pictures to print! Definitely not an option on the original camera!

The camera also features a MicroSD card slot, so you can save your pictures and print them later, which is great if you run out of film or working on a project and need to go through your photos before making the final decision on which images to use.

Available in different colors to match your needs and preferences!

Do you have anyone on your list that could use a fun little camera?

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