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I think one of the biggest mistakes people make around the holidays is to set goals for the next year…Yes, many of us are quick to make lists of things we want to accomplish for the next year and meanwhile, we do not think about the fact that we can start working on those goals right this minute.

Guilty as charged

I am one of those people that would make a list of the things I want to do next year while there is nothing wrong with making your list and maybe even creating a vision board today. We can make sure that we actually start making changes towards those goals and make the process easier.

My new year’s resolutions and hopes

For 2019 I have a lengthy list of things that I want to accomplish:

Finish with my Realtor’s course

Visit my brother in Italy which includes a visit to my friends in Spain ( yes, this is one of the big ones).

Manage my schedules more efficiently

Spend more time doing fun things with the family and our puppy

Lose 25 pounds

Work on both my blogs and conquer SEO

Eat healthier…

These are just a few of them, but here is the thing, while there is nothing I can do on some of these items short term, there are a couple of those goals in which I can start working on right now.

I can, for example, make changes in what I eat right now and start losing weight even though this is the hardest time to do so, but hey, no pain no gain.

Healthy habits

I can certainly start with healthier habits in my menu and change ingredients and common things I use for cooking on a daily basis.

I am of the belief that tools make a huge difference and can help you accomplish many things.

The right tools for my goal

Two of the biggest items on my list are the weight loss and healthy eating.

I am aware that many of us love good comfort food every now and then, the problem arises when we need “ comforting too often”.

The best that you can do for yourself and your family is to make healthy options that can double as comfort food.

The first step to healthy eating is the ingredients and the tools you use

Because I am fully committed to making these healthy changes for me and my family, I started to use the slow cooking for some of our meals.

You can actually slow cook some of your favorite dishes with very little or no added fat at all.

For that, I use the Culinario Series™Healthy 5 Qt. Braiser from Princess Home which I discovered a couple of months ago and completely fell in love with the brand and products.

This braiser is exactly what I needed for cooking and braising and as an added bonus, it is easy to clean and looks amazing in my kitchen.

The braiser includes a tempered glass lid, which is hand cut with the brands exclusive Princess Heritage design which matches many other pieces in the Princes House collection.

Why braising?

Braising ensures tender, flavorful results from tougher cuts of meat!


I also added the Culinario Series® Healthy 2 1/2-Qt. Oval Casserole to my cookware which features the same ultra-smooth – nonstick surface as the braiser to repel water and grease and allows your foods to slide off easily.

Featuring a perfect size to cook healthy portions of your favorite dishes, this high-quality casserole, has a three-layer construction: 5mm of aluminum fully encapsulated between the 18/10 stainless steel body and base cap of magnetic stainless steel for fast heating that helps to avoid hot spots.

The casserole comes with a tempered glass lid with the signature Princess Heritage® design and just like the braiser, it is backed by the brands lifetime warranty.

I have been in love with the Princess House products from day one and this is just a great way to end the year and add some healthy recipes to the holiday’s cooking!

Why this brand?

Their products are top notch and beautiful. They would make for a wonderful holiday gift for anyone looking to improve their eating habits and anyone on your list that loves cooking.

Princess House, a premier direct selling company of unique and exclusive cookware, food storage and home and entertainment products to support a healthy lifestyle, has all of your holiday gifting needs for the foodie in your life. And, consumers can view and purchase products online 24/7.

Princess House is already a popular website for home chefs, and their products were previously only available via its network of over 25,000 independent consultants.

The website offers visitors the opportunity to connect to a consultant who shares their passion for cooking and can guide them on their culinary journey with special offers and additional information.

Buy it:

For a limited time, Princess House is offering 40% off both the  Culinario Series™Healthy 5 Qt. Braiser and the Culinario Series® Healthy 2 1/2-Qt. Oval Casserole

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