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There’s no doubt that summer is the most fun time of the year when it comes to the outdoors and adventures. While this summer has been one of the hottest ones we’ve had in a long time, it is also the first summer my daughter did not go to summer camp.

Keeping her busy was not an easy task. This little lady is what you might call a busybody. She’s always moving and thinking of ways to make the most of her vacation time, which I guess is a good thing. She spends a lot of time running around the neighborhood with her friends, enjoying the freedom and safety of this neighborhood, which has been a blessing for us and a great way to expand my daughter’s circle of friends.

The Best Part of the Summer

I dare to say that the best part of her summer was her birthday present. This year, she received a really neat birthday present: a Pocket Mod from Razor. It resembles a moped in many ways but does not go as fast and works with electricity instead of gas.

Stylish Fun

My daughter is at that age where nothing is cool and most things are lame. I know, lucky me. But she does love her little European-style ride.

This high-performance, chain-driven electric-motor scooter with a vintage-inspired body can reach speeds of up to fifteen miles per hour. While not as fast as a gas moped, it can really run and deliver a fun and comfortable ride.

To add to the comfort, the pocket Mod also teams a pair of twelve-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system.

What makes it so fun? Well, there is the lovely design. But while that might be the first thing to catch your eyes, the variable-speed acceleration, comfy padded seat with hidden storage, built-in battery that can travel for about ten miles on a single charge are the reasons why this little but mighty ride is such fun!

I love the fact that it does not take any more space than a regular bike would, it has a kickstand to keep it in place, and it charges really easily without killing my electric bill. I also love the fact that it’s basically put together out of the box, so set up is a breeze. It may not be a concern for the kids, but parents can really appreciate that part.

My daughter has been using her Pocket Mod, well, every day since she got it, and it doesn’t look like she’ll get tired of it any time soon. Can you blame her? She has the sweetest ride ever!

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