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What are your plans for Christmas day?  We are visiting some family up north and it is cold up here!

This year we have been really enjoying family movie nights during the different holidays and decided to do something in that category, but give it a little twist!

This Chrismas day, after the opening of the gifts and the anticipated holiday food we are setting up a series of activities for the kids and will be making some very special cookies and ready for this …Slime!

To start building up the anticipation, we are going to start with gifts tags today and once again these are not going to be your traditional Christmas tags, this year we are making GOOSEBUMPS tags for our holiday gifts. You can yours here

Elementary dear Watson, this Christmas day, we are going to be watching Goosebumps 2 which is going to be released on digital format on the 25th!

We loved the first one and can’t wait to see the second part…Not a movie for the baby, but we have him all set up with a Christmas classic for his enjoyment and entertainment while the rest of the family watches the Goosebumps 2 movie.

Before the movie

We will be making cookies and as I said, this is not going to be your typical Christmas day and that starts with the cookies and activities.

The great thing about these is that the kids can participate in the whole process and I do not know about your kids, but mine love cooking!

We are starting with cookies made from scratch

That is right, I have a very special recipe for Slappy’s Holiday Thumbprint Cookies….You are more than welcome to Bake them if you dare! Frightfully delicious. See the recipe here

Your kids and you will have a blast making cookies, the recipe is very simple and all family members can join in the fun!

Want to add to the fun?
You can have Slappy host a slime experiment and follow his instructions to create the kid’s favorite…Slime!

You can see a clip on the experiment here, but the whole clip with the complete instructions will be included with the digital release of the movie.

You can visit the link and see the ingredients and have them ready for Christmas day so you have all you will need to start with this fun project.

Are you up for a challenge?

Join the quest to stop Slappy the ventriloquist dummy and his devious plan to make Halloween last forever and enjoy a Holly, Jolly frightful Christmas!

Goosebumps 2 is available on Digital 12/25 and on DVD & Blu0ray 1/15!



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