I have been thinking about a career change basically because I don’t think that my actual job is taking me anywhere and I like growing and improving in everything I do, so I have been considering becoming a real estate broker and I have actually been researching what is needed in order to become a broker and reading about what different real estate companies and real estate networks do.

I must say it is really interesting to see the different products and services offered by brokers and companies and I find it truly fascinating all that is involved in real estate. My sister in law has recently become a realtor herself and I have to admit that I can certainly see myself doing open houses and working to help people find rental properties for living or just for the season.

Living in Florida there are many people that come here to live for a few months while the season is high so that is a nice market right there. One of the big seasonal places that pops up when looking for real estate is of course the Hamptons, and they have some of the most beautiful places I have laid eyes on. That is my observation just by looking at photos in my computer, so I can only imagine how pretty they are in person.

But I live in Florida and there is some really striking property here, not only as family homes, but also as investments and certainly great seasonal rental houses and condos.

So I need to find a real estate network that offers all these products and services and that gets buyers and sellers together…Yes the more I think about it, the more I like the idea!

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