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Baldness is a common problem that affects men and women around the world. It entails the loss of hair strands on a daily basis. The hairs are difficult to regrow without the assistance of a powerful product capable of reversing hair loss. Fortunately, ReGen by Follinique is designed to stop hair loss or slow the progression. The product derives its strength from an FDA-approved ingredient – Minoxidil.


Users should start noticing results in as little as three months of regular use compared to the majority of other options available on the market, which require between six and 12 months to start showing results.


The solution comes with either 2 or 5 percent Minoxidil, which is the approved percentage for women and men, respectively. ReGen’s powerful, proprietary formula works by prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicles. It has been clinically shown to provide a reliable solution for men and women of different ages starting from 18 upwards.

ReGen Advance Hair Nutrition


ReGen Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only ingredient approved for use in over-the-counter hair loss products. It rejuvenates follicles that are in the resting phase (or telogen phase) and helping them transition to the growth phase (or anagen). The product is well-suited for anyone facing the issue of hair thinning or balding.


Reversing Hair Loss


The balding experience can be distressing for both men and women. It has the capacity to cause loss of confidence. The problem gradually gets worse with time as the scalp loses more strands. It is recommended that individuals start using a hair loss solution early to maximize results. ReGen has been proven to be most effective during the early stages of male or female pattern baldness or hair thinning.


Androgenetic alopecia causes the hair follicles to thin gradually. Applying ReGen twice a day provides a sure-fire way to fight back against baldness. The solution works by penetrating deep into the user’s scalp. This enables the product’s advanced formula to stimulate weakened hair follicles.

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In turn, it becomes easier to enhance elasticity and keep hair lustrous. If left untreated, the problem simply gets worse until it is more difficult to reverse or impossible. Stronger, healthier hair requires an effective intervention. The market is overflowing with cheap knock-offs that trigger side-effects due to the inclusion of harsh chemicals.


Some hair loss treatments involve painful injections or surgery which requires a long time to heal. In the end, the result is unsatisfactory because the hair looks superficial.




It comes as no surprise that may users post great reviews about ReGen. They are impressed by the results. One of the customers from Tampa, FL who is 34 years old is grateful that the hair loss solution helped her regain confidence. This follows trials with a number of products that failed to deliver the desired effect.


Jake (52) from Chicago, IL says he discovered ReGen after six harrowing months of trying ineffective solutions. From waxes and foams to infrared gadgets, there was no joy. With ReGen, he noticed significant changes after a little over a month of regular use. The product stimulated the much-needed regrowth. By the the third month, Jake’s confidence soared once more thanks to the product’s clinically proven and FDA-approved ingredients.


Max (42) from New York realized that his hair was beginning to thin shortly after turning 40. He says the changes made him more self-conscious than ever before about his looks and in particular, his hair. This prompted him to try wide-ranging products that claimed to help grow hair. However, they all turned out to be a waste of money. He later struck gold when his father recommended ReGen by Follinique. After a couple of months of regular use, Max’s hair started growing again.


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