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If there’s one room that you want to look fresh and inviting, it’s your bathroom. There’s no doubt that you want every room in your house to look amazing. But, when it comes to your bathroom, you need it to look especially fantastic. The reason? Well, other rooms may get a ton of use in your home. They may even be seen more by guests. However, your bathroom is the place that’s most likely to be judged by your guests. This is a room that needs to be able to fulfill so many roles. It’s somewhere that needs to be used for practical reasons as well as relaxation. Your bathroom can even add value to your home. There are so many great incentives to get your bathroom looking great, so you’re probably keen to get going right away. But, before you begin ripping out your existing one, where should you start with your bathroom remodel?

Plan your dream bathroom 

Nowadays, there’s a huge array of options to choose from for bathrooms. You may want to go traditional with a roll-top bathtub or ultra-modern with a sleek shower unit. If it’s luxury that you’re looking for, marble may feature heavily in your design. But if you’re after a more rustic look, you may choose reclaimed materials. The possibilities for your bathroom design really are endless. So, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time figuring out what’s right for your home. This is the really fun part! You’ll probably find more styles and choices than you ever thought was even possible.

While you can go as crazy or as traditional as you wish with your bathroom look, it’s important to consider one factor before you decide. You need to figure out whether you’re staying in your home forever. If you plan to sell your home sometime soon, this will impact your bathroom choice. Going for something a little safer and more neutral may be the way to go if you’re going to be moving home sometime in the near future. A bathroom remodel is not something you want to do every year. So, be aware that if you want to increase your home’s value and attract potential buyers, playing it safer may be best.

Figure out your budget

Bathroom remodels are rarely cheap. So you’ll need to keep this at the front of your mind when choosing your dream bathroom. Bathrooms can cost a fortune. There’s no doubt about this. But the cost can vary hugely. So, if you want to spend less, there are ways of making it happen. First up, you need to figure out how much you can realistically spend on the entire remodel. Then, you need to break this down. You’ll need money for the fixtures and fittings, plus money to pay the contractors. 

One thing you should definitely always have when you’re renovating a room is a contingency fund. Your contingency fund is there to cover anything unexpected that crops up and costs you extra money. This is your fallback, and it’s well worth doing. Don’t forget to track your expenses carefully along the way so you manage your budget, stay on track, and don’t overspend.

Find the best contractors

Finding the best contractors is essential to make your remodel go to plan. You need a plumber that’s qualified to complete the task to the highest standard. But that’s not all. You also need plumbing contractors that you can depend on. Picking the best plumbing company to work on your bathroom remodel from the start is essential. 

Your bathroom is not a room you can go long without. So, you need it to be ready and working again fast. Selecting the best contractors for the job will play a massive part in the success of your bathroom renovation. If you can’t trust the contractor to turn up on time and get the work finished on schedule, you’ll have a major problem. Having a main bathroom that’s out of action is a massive inconvenience, so check with your plumber that their work schedule matches with your timescale.

Consider efficiency

When you’re shopping for fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, there’s one thing you may overlook. This is the efficiency of the project. You need to keep energy efficiency and water efficiency in mind to help save yourself money and protect the planet. This could be done by installing energy-saving lights in your bathroom. Water-saving shower heads are also a great addition to boost efficiency.

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