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A personal safety device for me

I love jogging and taking the kids with me when I do and often take my baby because he is with me at home while my daughter is in school.

Each time I leave the house to go for a walk, I instruct my daughter to stay in front of me by just a few steps, because I need to be able to see where she is and get to her right way if I need to.


I do not consider myself a paranoiac person, but you hear all the kidnap attempts in the news, even when the kids are with the parents. It sends chills through my whole body! It is sad, but it is the reality we are living in and we need to deal with it the best way possible.

I have a locator app on my phone which is helpful, but someone would have to be looking for me to go to the app. That same app would send a distress message to anyone in my circle or group, which is awesome and very handy in case of an accident or if something else happened.

Unfortunately, if you need to send a distress message because you are in some kind of situation and want to make this message not too obvious, then the app is not going to be helpful. I would have to get to my phone, unlock it, look for the app, and then send a distress message.

This got me thinking, there should be an easier and faster way to deal with an emergency in which you fear for your safety or feel uneasy. After doing some research, I came across a very interesting device called Revolar which is a very small device that can send different messages with a click of a button.

The Revolar personal safety device is lightweight, compact, and can easily be attached to your keychain, your purse, or simply placed in your pocket.


User-Friendly and convenient

The Revolar personal safety device works in combination with a free app that is available for iOS and Android smartphones and will guide you through the whole set up process. Simply follow the prompts, set up your account, add the people that you want to be notified in case of an emergency, and you are good to go with just a few clicks!

Personal safety device app



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How Revolar personal safety device works:

You can send different messages by clicking the button one, two or three times, one click will share your location, think of it as I got to where I was supposed to be and clicked OK….Great for parents that want to check up on their kids when they are walking back from school or are away for college.










With two or three clicks, contacts on your list can be alerted to your location and custom instructions. I love it and think everyone should carry one of these little devices with them all the times. This is why I made this personal safety device one of the top items on my holiday gift list this year!

Win it:
Revolar has kindly offered one lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a free Revolar Instinct personal safety device!

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