While rose gold has seen an increase in popularity, rose gold and accessories are anything but new.
The now popular blush-colored metal has been around since the mid to late 19th century.

Is it real gold?

The answer is: absolutely! Rose gold is made with real gold, even it if isn’t 100% gold. The higher the karat amount in the piece of jewelry will indicate the purity of gold in the piece. For example, 18 karat gold is 75% gold, while 14 karat gold would have 58% gold.

But while the initial use of the beautiful rose gold might have been for jewelry, its popularity gave designers a great canvas for new products with gold rose color, and that now means you can find anything from house wear to computers, phones, and many other products featuring the unique rose gold color.

The beauty of it all

The beauty of it is in the way that this tone of gold complements most skin tones and looks amazing by itself or layered with yellow or white gold!

Rose gold has become the metal of choice for spring and summer jewelry but the truth is that it can be used year-round.

My personal favorites

I have a few different rose gold jewelry pieces which I love, but two of my favorite items in this color are certainly my Cora Polaris wood watch and my Holly sunglasses from Jord.

The combination of the Koa wood is a species native to Hawaii which is considered to be the most beautiful of the native hardwoods.

Depending on the harvest season, Koa wood will produce tones that range from medium gold to reddish-brown, similar to Mahogany….Simply stunning!

The Hand-set Swarovski crystal constellation represents the Little Dipper. The North Star is accentuated at 12 o’clock and the result is a magnificent timepiece!

Taking it a step or two forward

Great things happen when you are able to accessorize and that is exactly the case when you combine the Cora Polaris wood watch and the Holly sunglasses.

Holly who?

Modern and feminine aviator-style sunglasses featuring reinforced titanium frames in rose gold titanium tones, accented with Padauk and Italian cellulose acetate. The Holly is both elegant and playful and a great addition to your everyday wear, especially when combined with the Cora watch!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Win it!

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More good news?

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