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I See Me personalized books

The Holidays are just around the corner and as every year, I already started looking for great products for all family member. It is now a tradition for me to add different categories to my list for Santa and personalized items is right on top of my list, especially when it come to my 7 years old daughter. This is why there is something special on personalized products, and books are one of those products that are an amazing thing to have personalized for a kid. I see me is a company that I have recently discovered and fell for their adorable personalized books selection.

I See Me personalized books

Since they first launched back in 2000, I See Me has been awarded numerous awards and once you take a look at their catalog, you can easily figure out why. Ordering and personalizing the different books in the I See me catalog is very easy so anyone can order these colorful and engaging books.

Great variety

I See Me offers you a virtual tour of all their books, so you can have a pretty good idea of what the book you want is going to look like and I actually took the virtual tour of 5 different books which were my top picks for my daughter which makes the decision process much easier.
The tours take you from the cover to the dedicatory page and through each single page of the book which I must add, I loved because you can see where your child’s name has been included and how special and unique the book would be once it is done.

I See Me personalized books1



A very special gift
I do not know about your kids, but my daughter used to think she was the only person with her name in the whole wide world and as she grew older and her little world expanded she was always very excited whenever she met someone else with the same name. Now that she is reading, she gets the giggles when she finds her name written down somewhere, so a personalized book with her name included in the story is really a no brainer for this holidays.

I See Me personalized books
One other thing I really love about the I See Me personalized books, is the fact that they offer different books for different age groups. So, you can get a book for your baby, your toddler, your older kids and they even have personalized books made especially for twins!
You can pick your book by gender, age group, or occasions which helps you decide which direction to take in selecting your I See Me personalized book. Definitely a must for these Holidays!

This is a sponsored pots. on behalf of Meon Book. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

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