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Hair fall is a normal part of everyday life, sometimes it’s less and sometimes it is more, it may clog up your shower drain and you may have to vacuum it up as you go about your day, but the fact remains it is a normal part of the human body. It has been said that on average we lose between 80-100 strands of hair a day. So, if you notice you’re having more hair fall than this, and it is not growing back or you are starting to see thinning in your scalp, then it may be a good idea to get it to check holistically.

According to some statistics, 1 out of every 3 women will suffer from hair loss regardless of their age or race, but mainly due to a simple reason such as a natural process or an extreme reason such as stress.

Because there can be a variety of different reasons for hair-loss, varying from both your internal system as well s your external, that it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. however, there are some possible reasons as to why this can happen and the below list will give you some idea of what to look out for.

Possible Reasons for Hair Loss

If you fall under the category of 1 out of 3 women (or men) whose hair is falling more than you would like to, don’t worry about it, it will grow back. Two possible categories your hair fall could fall under commonly are either Genetic or Reactive.

REACTIVE: this common one is a result of some type of a trigger, for instance, if you suffered from severe stress-related situations or a sudden change I diet and sometimes a lack of vitamins and minerals in your body, can all lead to hair fall.

GENETIC: the basic explanation for this is that it may run in the family, or that your hormones are responsible for this, so much so that as you get older you start losing hair. 

Now that we have given you some idea of the two categories, let’s dive into two of the most common and very possible reasons that may lead to your hair fall, and others too.

1. Hormone Imbalance: Hormones are necessary for aiding us to accomplish several bodily functions daily. If you’re not sure whether you have an imbalance or not, this source online will help give you some idea of possible signs here.

Has been known to lead to a lot of different (and annoying) health and beauty issues in both men and women. It could be weight gain, adult acne, and hair fall. Likely, this could be a very possible reason for your thinning hair if your hormones are not functioning as they are supposed to be, especially because they play a vital role in anyone’s hair growth. 

Oestrogen, the female hormone keeps your hair growing and going through its natural cycle. The same for men, their hormone, namely Androgen keeps their hair on their head. When there is an excess of either one of these hormones, due to various reasons, such as menopause, medication, hormone replacement therapy to name a few. It could affect your hair as well.

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2. Stress Triggers

The saying that goes something like “stress will make your hair fall out…” is true for many reasons. It has been known to be true in many cases. Stress can trigger several issues on your body including digestive issues, balding, dandruff, rashes to name a few. It is always best to try and stay calm in any situation and practice breathing exercises or more holistic practices such as yoga and meditation, which have been known to help reverse a lot of the side-effects of stress and anxiety. Read more about how this works on this online source

3. Age-Related

If there’s one thing we cannot change, it is the inevitability of aging. And with it comes an array of beautiful changes to our bodies too. One of these is the advent of menopause, which takes place in women after the age of 40 years approximately. Some women go through it earlier and some later. It marks the end of your reproductive years, and when you stop having periods.  

In some women, hair loss becomes more rampant either before, during, or after this stage the older you get the finer your hair tends to get and it is a normal part of the aging process of life (and people.)

What Will Help Reverse It?

Other reasons for hair fall can be Iron or Vitamin B12 deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Weight loss, and weight loss supplements and of course age. But there is nothing to fear as there are many ways of combating this. Some of which include changing your diet to include more protein and complex carbohydrates, or using products such as hair growth supplements or at the least taking vitamins to help such as B12, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Amino Acids, L-Lysine and Vitamin D3, these will slowly start to replace the lack of whatever your body needs and any access will get passed out through your body if it is not needed.

Not only can you treat this internally but there are also options to use external products that are specifically made for hair growth such as Keranique shampoo and conditioner, for example.

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These are treatments made for people suffering from either loss of hair or a thinning mane and can be used very effectively if instructions are followed. Such products usually have FDA approved ingredients in them such as Pro-Vitamin B5 and Keratin, which helps not only stimulate your scalp for hair growth but adds volume too.  It is always recommended to read the list of full ingredients before ingesting anything orally or putting it on your scalp. If in doubt, the best thing to do is ask a professional for advice.

Professional advice is also a good idea to try and recognize the problem at hand, if any, to rule out all the above issues and boil it down to one. A Trichologist is usually the best person for this type of advice. In the meantime, do not panic, it is treatable, and stressing out about it will only make it worse.

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