Are you a golfer? Have any golfers on your holiday list?

I live in Florida and golfing here is a very big thing and I see both men and women spending time on the different golf courses year round.

I have never played golf in my entire life, but my husband loves golfing and tries (when work permits) to get on the golf course and enjoy a good game with his friends.

As a none golfer, I am clueless about the different things involved in the game, but I support his hobby and one year even got him a golf bag for the holidays.

Golf Umbrella

I heard him saying he needed a golf umbrella and thought that would be a great present for him this holiday and thought I would get him a nice golf umbrella.

golf umbrella, holidays gift

In my ignorance, I had no idea that golf umbrellas are not regular umbrellas! There are several specs to follow when buying one and being the awesome wife I am, I started to research golf umbrellas and find out which would offer the best features for a golfer.

After doing some research I learned that weight, a comfortable grip, and wind resistance are the main features to look for in a golf umbrella.

ShedRain Vortex Vent Pro

ShedRain has been a major manufacturer of high-quality umbrellas for decades and recently released a groundbreaking line of golf umbrellas featuring the Vortex Vent intelligent ant-inversion system.

pro golf umbrella

This revolutionary system releases the wind pressure through the canopy’s 360 degrees venting system.

The large vents along with elastic straps in the design, allow for a quick depressurization of the canopy.

This, in addition to their anti-inversion strut system, increases the frame’s strength, reducing the odds of inversion.

 ShedRain Vortex Vent Pro

The ShedRain Vortex Vent Pro is a large, yet relatively lightweight umbrella with a tip tension system which means that it has spring loaded tips that sit inside the specially designed TRP pockets. This creates a canopy and delivers a wing-like form in high wind situations which are quite common here in Florida.

umbrella for golfers, golf umbrella

The most impressive feature on this umbrella is the pressure released vent, that reduces the stress on the frame by releasing the wind pressure through the canopy.

The aircraft aluminum shaft offers lightweight and resistance. The thermoplastic rubber grip provides great control in all weather conditions. The elastic straps join the upper and lower canopy under high pressure allowing for a quick air release.

The sturdy handle offers an easy grip for an even more comfortable experience.

So there you have it – if you are looking for an amazing golf umbrella for any man or woman on your holiday’s list I highly recommend you take a peek at the ShedRain Vortex Vent Pro golf umbrella !

ShedRain Vortex Vent Pro from ShedRain on Vimeo.

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