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Dental problems can spell disaster for wellbeing. Not only does toothache rip through your whole body, but the cosmetic aspect of tooth-related setbacks could leave you miserable. Whether you’re dealing with decay, chipping, or other such issues, you’ll want to seek treatment if you’re to stand any chance at smiling again. 

Sadly, even after you’ve visited a dentist, long waiting times and potentially visible treatment methods could still see you struggling to smile without shame. And, that could become a long-term problem if you don’t take steps to tackle it sooner rather than later.

The good news is that dentists can consider

Push for fast treatment

Dentists are busy people, and it’s not unusual to face a wait of two weeks or more before treatment. In most cases, they’re able to fill this gap with temporary fillings or antibiotics for pain, but that doesn’t touch your appearance. To achieve that, you instead need to push for fast treatment. In most cases, emergency appointments are available the next day. Though these can cost a fair amount more, it’s an option worth considering if that chip on your front tooth is really getting you down.

Equally, you may find that agreeing to see someone who isn’t your standard dentist can lead to faster treatment. Again, it’s up to you whether or not you think this is worthwhile, but it could certainly see you smiling wide and proud again a whole lot sooner. Failing that, even just asking the receptionist to let you know of any cancellations could get you in faster. While this may mean rushing in at the last minute, it’s certainly not a bad way to jump the queue. 

Always steer clear of metal

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If you need a filling to deal with decay and discoloration, there’s every chance your dentist may steer towards affordable metal fillings. The trouble is that, if your discolored tooth is already preventing you from smiling, you can bet a flash of metal will do the same. As such, you should always ask for mercury free tooth-colored fillings instead. Even if your dentist doesn’t offer these as standard, you can bet they’re an option for a slightly higher price. Again, many would argue this is a cost that’s worth weathering. Given that decent fillings traditionally last upwards of thirty years or more, you really do need to think about the long-term here. And, tooth-colored choices are typically a much more appealing option of life partner. 

Ask about aftercare

Often, we’re so keen to get out of that dentist chair that we fail to explore the importance of treatment aftercare fully. The trouble is that, whether you’ve had a crown, cap, or filling, aftercare is of utmost importance where appearances are concerned. Fail to adequately clean the affected area, for instance, and you may notice discoloration on even your capped tooth. In the worst-case scenario, failure to properly care for such treatments could see them falling out and leaving you back to smiling with your mouth firmly shut. 

That’s no way to an appearance you can be happy with, and it’s something you can overcome by simply taking your time to ask a few aftercare questions. The chances are that your dentist will tell you that basic, such as recommended care instructions, but take that further. Ask if there are any recommended toothpaste brands you could turn to, or even if you should avoid any particular foods from now on. This small step could then see you enjoying improved dental appearances without worry for many years to come. 

Book an appointment with a hygienist

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While some dentists will offer tooth whitening after treatment, most deal solely in tacking the big stuff. To take your smile up a gear, you could benefit from booking in with a hygienist not long after your treatment. As well as helping you to really get on top with cleaning aftercare, they’ll be able to offer an all-over clean and whiten that guarantees your smile looks better now than it ever did before! 

Experiencing appearance dilemmas due to dental setbacks is never pleasant, but, as you can see here, there are steps you can take to get your smile back on track sooner rather than later. With these pointers, your teeth could quickly be the envy of the office regardless of any minor setbacks along the way.

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