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It is no secret that we live in a technology-oriented era, and computers are part of our everyday lives. Unlike my childhood, kids today are introduced to computers and technology at a very early age. While I encourage my kids to spend time outdoors and away from screens, I am aware of the importance of computers and gadgets in today’s world.

I also understand that computers are good for a lot more than what some kids use them for, and I want my kids to know the educational side of computers.

To better understand computers and their reach, coding is essential. It is the computer language used to communicate with them.

Coding for Kids

How early should kids be introduced to computer coding? It is believed that five years old is when kids have the best odds of focusing and actually trying to “break the code.”

Let’s face it. The best way to capture a young kid’s attention is through play and games. There are many programs, games, and toys to introduce kids to early coding while making the process fun so they learn without having to use a computer.

Companies such as the Learning Journey have toys for kids as young as five years old. This Code and Learn Ladybug, for example, introduces your children to basic programming and coding.

This cute toy has two different modes. The first mode teaches your kids to simply guide the ladybug through the colorful mat included with the toy, allowing them to start playing with it from day one and avoiding frustration. Once your kids feel more confident, they can use the color-coded cards to start learning to code and create a path for the little ladybug to follow.

The Code and Learn Ladybug is a great tool for learning sequencing, directions, problem-solving, and logic. This kind of toy in combination with some STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys is a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of coding and start exercising their little brains.

The key is to make it fun, and these are fun learning tools that will allow your kids to have a great time without realizing that they are learning very important skills.

The Code and Learn Ladybug is one of the many toys that will introduce your kids to coding and open up a world of possibilities without being attached to a computer screen.

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