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I am not one to spend a lot of time playing on my phone…Usually, if I am using the phone, it is for something family or blog related. I do have a couple of games installed, but the last time I probably played a game on my phone or used an app for entertainment was probably 3- 4 months ago.

I have found the best app to relax with while I am at home or on the go.

Styled By Trendage is the future of online shopping at the tip of your hands. The app, which is free in the app store, is really easy to use and allows users to try different clothes and styles on themselves.

What is really neat about the app, is the personalization features as you can take a selfie and choose or create your body type to then try the different cloths available through the app. Trendage app

I am one of those people that hates to try clothes on in the store and probably would not try anything on even if I am at the store.

What this app does, is to allow you to see how something will look on you without having to try it on, and by adding your face to the procedure, believe it or not it makes visualization a lot easier.

But even if you do not want to take a selfie and decide to make do with the “model” in the app, you can still personalize the hair style and body type to make it as close to your own features and preferences as possible.

Styled by Trendage app model

I am hooked

I have been playing with the Styled app for about a week now and love it!

After you download the app and create your avatar or how I like to call it (virtual me), you will then see your avatar with different outfits and you can just swipe the screen to change to a different outfit.

Styled app

You can get points just by swiping in the form of little fallen stars that unlocks promotions for you and which you get by simply browsing and swiping through the different styles.

See something you like?

If you come across an outfit that you just love, you can hit the details icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to see the outfit and wait for it…Shoes that would match with it along with a direct link to the website where you can actually purchase these items.

Save your finds in the Styled app

Not ready to buy?

You can also save your favorites to get back to them later and take a look and decide if this outfit you just found is something you have to have!

Need a second opinion?

Are you one of those that likes to have a friend with you when you go shopping so you can have a second opinion of yay or nay?

The Styled app, allows you to share your finds with friends and family right from the app, so you can easily share with them.

Sharing on the Styled app

As I said, I love this app and love the fact that I can see the clothes on my own body type and not a model. I also love the hair style tool… It’s great if you are thinking to go for different hair style, and not sure how it would look on you.

Engaging and super fun, the only problem I seem to have with the app, is that it sometimes buffers from one style to the next, but honestly, it can be my internet connection giving me a hard time, and the reality is that I have so much fun with the app, that this is not a deal breaker.

So if you love shopping and discovering new styles and stores, download the styled app…You will have a blast.
Ready to join the fun? You can get the free Styled app :

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