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Right next to unicorns, mermaids are the most intriguing of the mystical creatures and I dare to say that they are also one of the most beloved magical creatures by girls of all ages that at some point wanted to at least dress as a mermaid.

As a matter of fact, my daughter was a cute little mermaid a few years ago for Halloween. She is 10 now, and still love mermaids, I mean who wouldn’t, they are just beautiful magical creatures.

This year I wanted to make my daughter extra happy for the holidays and I got her the best gift ever ( I am quoting her on that).

Sun Tails

Sun Tails have managed to create a truly amazing selection of mermaid tails. My daughter like her mom loves blue and I chose the Blue Lagoon mermaid tail which features striking deep turquoise colors.

The mermaid tail is made of a 80/20 nylon/ spandex material with a 4 way stretch that looks very nice and realistic…. These are great for a beach photo shoot!

What I love the most about these mermaid tails, is that they can be used for swimming…Talk about a realistic mermaid costume!

To add to the realistic look, these mermaid tails come with a mono fin that fit right inside the tail and that will allow you to swim while wearing the mermaid tail.

It is made with quality materials and made to last and fits very comfortably, while the mono fin may take a bit to get use to, the whole set is just amazing. I was truly amazed at the depth of the colors and how nice and pretty this mermaid tail looks.

The Sun Tail mermaid tails are available in kids sizes starting at a child’s size 6/8 and go all the way up to a woman’s size 12 -16, so if you ever wondered ( I do), how you would look as a mermaid, this is your chance to live that experience and trust me when I say these mermaid tells will make a truly wonderful photo prop! They also offer super cute toddler tails. They are perfect for the little mermaids who aren’t ready for a mono fin yet.


The weather has been a bit temperamental lately and since there is still school, we have not had the chance to give the tail a test run in the pool…My daughter is keeping her fingers crossed for good weather this weekend so she can finally get her beautiful mermaid tail to the pool.

If you have boys, they also have shark fins…Just saying!

So if you want to surprise any mermaid fan with the best gift ever, head over to the Sun Tail website for the complete catalog and enter discount code: BestGiftEver for an extra 10% off the price!

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