A few days ago, the husband decided he was getting the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I was getting his Galaxy S5 (hand me down) phone. This was still an upgrade for me which I was still happy about, but I really wanted the new phone, but at $780 dollars apiece…Well that would not work on the budget right now.

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Last night the husband was on the internet ( as usual) and read about this BOGO deal for T-Mobile clients and new clients, so he called this morning…In order for you to get the new free phone (a $780 value) you will need to get a new line. We are currently paying $80.00 per month for a family plan of 2 phones and $10.00 a month for each extra line. This is a great plan that includes calls to Canada and Mexico plus unlimited phone calls, text, and 2 Gig of data per phone line.

The only caveat to the free phone offer is that you must order a new line (but since that only costs us $10 / month – even if we ordered it and never used it – the $10 x 24 months = $240 for a new Galaxy S7 Edge… sign me up). We will however make use of the new line and I’ll hand me down my older Galaxy phone to my daughter for her birthday. Win-Win for everyone.

The $780 rebate comes in the form of a pre-paid mastercard.

In addition, if you order now, you get the Samsung offer in which you get a year of Netflix and a virtual headset and games FOR BOTH PHONES!

With an offer like that we could not resist, so this mamma is getting a new cool phone in just a few days….They are on back order, and this is a limited time offer, so you want to place your order ASAP….Can’t wait!
This is nit a sponsored post and have nothing to do with T-Mobile…Just sharing a great deal.

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