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Drug testing kits are often used to show if any prescription or illegal drugs are present in your urine. They are made to detect the presence of various kinds of recreational drugs, most of which are very harmful to the human body. These kits can accurately pick up on a variety of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine amphetamines, opiates, PCP (Angel Dust, Phencyclidine, Peace pills), benzodiazepine, methadone barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants, oxycodone, and ecstasy. Urine has a high accuracy rate in comparison to other bodily fluids. Find out more about the drugs that can be screened on this website

What the Testing Entails

The process involves two quick and simple steps. The first one is doing a quick examination using a Home Drug Testing Kit and the second following step should take place if the results suggest that drugs may be present in your system. In this case, you would normally send the sample and it results in a relevant laboratory for supplementary testing to make sure that this is 100% accurate.

Drugs come in various categories, they could be drugs used for recreational purposes or prescription drugs. One is illegal and the other is prescribed by your general practitioner to aid in healing ailments. Although some people that have a history of addiction, tend to use either these prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs excessively.

Well-known drugs for this purpose are anxiety-relieving drugs like Valium and Oxycodone which are famous for being ‘abuse drugs’ where people get addicted to them and sometimes may not realize that they are. If you take the prescription drug for longer than your doctor has asked, or if you don’t need it anymore but continue to doze on it, it could lead to addiction and long-term negative effects on the mind and body. Learn more about this and the symptoms thereof, on this online source.

Are These Tests Accurate?

These kits are easy to use and reliable, not to mention because they are sensitive to any toxic substance, they are also accurate. Although it is advisable to also take it to the testing laboratory because certain foods and beverages may hinder the results as well.

Other things that can affect the results include the way you stored the test, the way you took it. It is best to draw your conclusion once the results come back from the laboratory.

Most of them require a small amount of urine.

Usually used by organizations such as health authorities, private healthcare, rehabilitation centers, drug charities, prisons, community shelters, and school drug teams. They are also ideal to be used at home.

If you are taking this because of a professional reason that entails working in an environment that requires it,  and want to make sure you are drug-free for the official test that will be done at the premises, you can start a few weeks before your appointment and get The Drug Test Detox done after having been on a detox drink for a few days prior. This may help clear out your system of any toxins.

What is Included in A Home Drug Testing Kit?

The kit will usually include a sample cup for collection, test strips or cards or cassette, and a booklet with instructions printed on it. the importance of reading the instructions first and then doing this test will determine how accurate the results will be, so first go through the leaflet and make sure you understand each step. Take your time and do it properly.

The easiest solution to collect is your urine, which you will collect into this cup provided, and thereafter whatever the following steps entail, should be done with as precise an act as possible. It is possible that yours came with a shipping box and mailing address to send the results back to the laboratory.

Not many people are comfortable going to laboratories to get checked for anything including drugs, and so this option of a home drug testing kits is possibly the easiest and safest way to do a test without any outside influences and in the privacy of your own home and when done personally it gives you more peace-of-mind knowing that whether it was positive or a negative, you are the only person who is aware of the results and you are in a better position to decide when to get it done and for what purpose.

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