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My daughter has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old and every year, my husband volunteers to be a coach, it is a lot of fun and parents and kids love it. Yes, I am a soccer mom and we really enjoy the time we spend at the field, but being the coach, means my husband has to bring along all the balls and any other gear the kids will need during the practice and the games.


Every day during the soccer season, we are hauling a dozen soccer balls, a dozen cones, my daughter’s uniform (as practice is usually after school), water bottles, and snacks…


We decided to look for something to help carry all the things we need for soccer practice and other outdoor activities that we are planning for this summer.


We needed something that was sturdy, easy to use, and that wouldn’t take up too much room in the trunk of the car or in the house when not in use.


A collapsible wagon to haul around all our gear

A wagon seems like the obvious solution, but I needed to make sure that it was sturdy enough, big enough, and of course, would fold up into a compact size because there is very little space left in the trunk once we place all the soccer gear and my son’s stroller in the car.

The right wagon

While there are many options out there, they are not the same and the quality of some of these collapsible wagons are not good at all.


Timber Ridge is a company specialized in outdoors products and in their catalog you will find a collapsible wagon with a sturdy metal frame and all-terrain wheels that makes it great not only for the soccer field but for the garden, the beach, and why not, to carry the groceries inside the house.

Love this thing

The wagon is a life saver! We can easily fold and unfold it, it takes very little space, and can hold up to 150 pounds which is great because we can carry a lot in this wagon, and the large wheels make it easy to use in different terrains.

As for now, we use it for soccer, and to bring in the groceries when we go to Sam’s or Costco. It is a must-have for any picnic at the park or day at the beach with the family.


The wagon is made with quality materials and should last a long time.


Easy to use

One of my favorite features of this handy collapsible wagon is the ease of use and the oversized wheels. Not all wagons have the same type of wheels which might make it more challenging to maneuver in some terrains.

A must-have for summer outings

If you like to stay active and spend time with your family outdoors during the summer, this wagon cart would make life a lot easier for you and your family.

Now you know, if you are a soccer, baseball parent or any other sport, for that matter, and need to haul around gear, or simply need a way to bring things in and out of the house without too much of a hassle, I recommend you take a look at these foldable wagon carts!

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