gerund or present participle: tinkering

  1. attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way, often to no useful effect.

“he spent hours tinkering with the car”

synonyms: try to mend/improve, work amateurishly on, fiddle with, play (about/around) with, toy with, trifle with, dally with, dabble with, potter about with, fool about/around with; More

attempt to mend (something) by tinkering.

Kids love creating and fixing things sometimes even when they do not need fixing but allowing your kids to “ tinker” sparks their creative side and challenges them to find solutions to different problems.

My kids LOVE taking things apart, putting them back together, and figuring out how things work, which is great because it helps them to develop their problem-solving skills.

Promoting your kid’s creative side through engineering and igniting their creative and engineering skills can be very easy when you have the right tools.

Tinkering Labs is a really out-of-the-box company on the forefront of getting kids engaged in STEM and inspiring invention!

Hands-on projects that allow your kids a less rigorous approach and allows them to see cause and effect on their creations.

Tinkering Labs’ Electric Motors Catalyst (EMC) is for kids 8+  It’s the original and best selling tinkering kit and gives your kids the necessary tools to build different challenges.

The set is carefully packed and separated by categories so your kids can quickly and easily become familiar with the different pieces and what they are used for.

When you flip open the box you will see the different elements printed on the top and what they are for.

Tinkering Labs’ Electric Motors Catalyst kit includes 10 challenge cards, a booklet with building techniques and clues, paper for your doodling creations, a screw drive, safety glasses, and the different pieces you will need to build your creations.

The kit is meant for kids age 8 + but I would say even younger kids can get their hands on these and have a great deal of fun, even if they need some assistance.

The truth is, it would be fun, not just for your kids, but for parents and equally engaging for boys and girls.

This set focuses on challenging their problem-solving capabilities, their creativity, and empowers them with the invention and project-based learning while keeping them away from electronics.

A great indoor activity for those days that you need to stay in the house and still want your kids using their time in a productive and fun way.

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