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As a parent, we often get sucked into things we think we need and things we really do need for our kids. There is a huge difference identifying between really needed things and those things “I think I need” that we think we need. Not being able to know the difference can result in a lot of clutter and a lot of extra cash spent on things we might not even use or use seldomly.


Identify the things you really need

It is amazing the amount of space and things we need to raise our kids nowadays and a lot of it is due to our incapability to decide what works best for our lifestyle and needs…I am aware that there a lot of ADORABLE and SUPER CUTE things for kids but that does not mean we need to get all of them.

Do some research

One common mistake made by new parents is to believe in promotions and commercials they might see on TV. Products claim to make life easier for parents and babies but in reality are not as good as we hoped for.


The best way to know about a product is first looking for reviews from other parents and see what their experience and point of view is. Ask friends and family or pop into a store that has the product you are looking for and try it out, if possible.


The right gear for you and your family

A Car seat and stroller are two of the most important baby items you will need to get and the type of things that you will use on a daily basis, so it is important to get the best fit for you and your family.


Britax stroller

A lightweight stroller?

A lightweight stroller is one of those items that you really need to have in your life if you have a small kid. While there are tons of strollers out there, not all of them can deliver.


What do you need a lightweight stroller?

If you are constantly on the go, you need a lightweight stroller that can truly make your life easier and avoid hassles, you need a stroller that can be easily folded.


lightweight stroller

Look for a compact, yet sturdy stroller that can match up to your needs and that is comfortable for your kids and for you.

A large canopy is a must to keep kids protected from sun and other weather conditions.


travel stroller, kids lightweight stroller

Look for a storage basket, a lot of lightweight strollers do not have any storage space and having some storage space is always an advantage.


A good harness is also very important, as kids grow up, they tend to play Houdini and you need to be able to keep them safe in their strollers.

The recline is also important as you need to keep your little traveler comfortable in the stroller and being able to have a comfortable nap while strolling around if they need to.

A must for family vacations

If you are planning a family vacation this summer or later in the year, then a good, compact, lightweight stroller is a must!

travel with skids, strollers
Why compact? Because you do not want to maneuver a large stroller in crowded, tight places, because it saves space in the trunk if you are taking a road trip. If you are going on a plane, you need to get your kids out, fold the stroller, and put them through the X-Ray machine when you are going through airport security!

I have tried several strollers while traveling with my kids and I know first hand how important they are to make the trip less stressful.

Britax has recently released their smallest, most compact fold yet with the new B-Mobile lightweight stroller which has been designed with families on the go in and that is meant to make parents’ and kid’s lives easier when traveling.

The new B-Mobile is easy to navigate, transport, and store, making it one of the things you do need when you are traveling or just running around with kids.

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