Halloween is quickly approaching, and kids of all ages will be walking around their neighborhood trick or treating, many of them (my son included) for the first time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you take small children trick or treating.


As a parent, the safety of my kids is always on top of my list, and there are a few things you can do this Halloween to keep the kids safe while they are collecting candy.

– A flashlight is always a good idea. Give the older kids a flashlight and bring one yourself when you go out with the smaller kids on Halloween. A flashlight can help with visibility and can also let people know someone is approaching, which is especially important for keeping the kids safe from moving cars. A glow stick can also be a fun way to illuminate your kids and can easily be integrated into many costumes.

-Talk to them before you leave the house. This rule also applies to the older kids, of course. Make sure they know to look out for cars, watch where they are going, and are aware of their surroundings.

Two-way radios are a great option to stay in touch with the older kids

-Have a trick-or-treating buddy. There is strength in numbers, and it is always a good idea for the older kids to go out with their friends and stick together during the walk.

Don’t Forget Bug Repellent

The same way the kids are hunting for candy, mosquitoes seem to be hunting for blood, especially in places with warmer weather such as Florida. The last thing you want is to have the trick-or-treating fun be spoiled because of pesky bugs!

Keep the Kids Comfortable

Costumes are great, and people can get very creative, but they sometimes forget that the kids will be wearing these costumes for several hours. They need to be comfortable so that they can enjoy trick or treating.

A wagon or stroller is also a great thing to bring with you. You know the little ones will not last long walking around, so save yourself some drama and bring along something your little one can get in and enjoy the ride.

Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure to bring plenty of liquids, not just for the kids but also for you, especially if you live in one of the warmer weather states.

A Backpack for Trick or Treating?

A small backpack can make the experience a lot easier for the little ones because it is easier to carry than a bag or even a basket. It can also allow you to bring a couple of things you might need when you go out that evening.

I particularly love the Animal Packers backpacks, which come in a selection of different animal friends, including Austin—the cutest bat you’ll ever see.

Perfectly sized for small children, the backpacks have padded adjustable straps and two side pockets perfect for drinks. They are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free and very lightweight—perfect for trick or treating on Halloween and then playdates and travel once Halloween is over.

Why I Like the Idea of a Backpack

Besides the convenience and comfort factors, a backpack allows me to get a better handle on the candy. Let’s face it, kids will want to get into the candy as soon as they can!

Want One?
Use the discount code B2ImpF70C for 15% off an Animal Packers backpack through November 13.

Trick or Treating with Kids

Having fun and staying safe while going trick or treating is not hard. Just use common sense.
Have fun this Halloween!

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