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Wonder why many industrial complexes consider using industrial strip curtain to section work areas? This could be due to the fact that they offer a cheap and effective way to demarcate a large space. Many large warehouses and factories are nothing but open space, which can become challenging when you need to section specialized areas. This could include a production bay, cloaking room, or other parts or a commercial operation.

If you are looking to install industrial strip curtains in your space, you should know that they are different from other types of shutters or privacy blinds. Designed for industrial or commercial use, you want to be confident that they work in your space. 

So it could be ideal that you check with a professional installing outfit to meet your needs. You can find commercial strip curtains available online, but you want to do your research to ensure you get the right kind.

Who Needs Industrial Strip Curtains?

They serve mostly industrial applications, so they would work in a commercial, industrial setup. This could include production and manufacturing factories, storage warehouses, pharmaceuticals, nuclear installations, and large-scale farms with indoor grow beds. But with a little customization, you can find them work in any setup where you need strong curtain panels to divide an area into sections.

How Does It Work?

They are made to be durable, so you can expect them to hold up compared to other types of window blinds. Made from a heavy-duty PVC material, they usually come fitted with punched strips ready to be hung. You also get all the fixtures you need for the installation. This includes wall mounts, hangers, and mounting screws to complete the hanging.

You can choose from a manual or automated curtain strip. The manual does not need any specialized control. But with the automated kind, you won’t have to do any work. This type would work best in areas with a lot of traffic, so you take a break from doing the opening yourself.

Choosing the Right Industrial Strip Curtain

The first thing is to ensure that it is specific to your industry. This will include the material choice and style. For food industries where hygiene is important, you can expect the layout to be different from a paint factory. 

So proper planning is essential when using a strip to section a large space. When picking the right industrial strip curtains, you want to ensure that.

·         High Quality

You want to be sure that the material used in the design is of the highest quality. While it is true that you will likely be using a PVC material, you want to be sure that it would be ideal for use in your facility.

·         Color and Styling

You can take advantage of your layout demarcation to add design to your space. This is possible with the use of a colorful strip curtain that works with your décor. Since you get the option of a custom design, you want everything to match your taste. There may be no need to get interior designers to help you out, but it could be worth it if you can cover the cost. The link here has more about styling options for your workplace interior. 

·         Safety

How safe is it? This is another thing to look at when fitting in demarcations in your factory. Does it encourage accidents, and are there ways to keep it out of the way if need be? You want something that is effective, not something you want to be careful when working around.

Cost of Industrial Strip Curtain

Designed for use commercially, you can find these curtains to cost more than those used at home. But still, this doesn’t mean that it is expensive to install. The cost of the fitting would depend on the factory space and design choice. 

When properly fitted, they could be long-lasting and a great way to save on making significant renovations to your factory floor.

Final Note

You can find the use of strip curtains to be an excellent way to section a large industrial space. And if you choose to do so, endeavor to make use of quality PVC material and use fittings that work for your industry.

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