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Portability is probably the first thing you look for when considering any Bluetooth portable speakers and I have seen my first share of portable Bluetooth speakers. Some of them locked in the portability portion and were not as easy to carry around as I had hoped for.

Xoopar Mini Xboy

Unlike any other portable Bluetooth speaker I have come across, this little guy does not lock on portability, personality, and music delivery!

A nice companion for your bag, backpack or even a purse, these Bluetooth speakers are very lightweight and small in size making it really easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

Ready for a selfie

The Mini Xboy portable Bluetooth speakers are user-friendly and only have one button on the back of the units “head”, that you can use to turn it on and take selfies with your smartphone. That’s right, the Mini Xboy doubles as a selfie button for your phone.

Cute and handy

These Bluetooth speakers are great to add a little music and ambiance anywhere you go and come with a small travel strap so you can hang the unit to a backpack or bag with no hassle.

Included with the speaker, is a short micro-USB to charge the unit, but you can use any similar cable for that matter.

Nice music delivery

The unit delivers your music nicely, the volume (there is not an up and down volume button), is not too loud but allows you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere you go.

Available in Orange, Black, Gray, Pink, and Lime colors to match your taste. The unit changes the color of the face when the music is playing for a nice visual effect.

Compatible with a large selection of smartphones and tablets for your convenience, the Mini Xboy is a lot more than just a neat decoration for your bag!

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